Sleeping bags come in many different type, varying mostly by temperature rating, weight and price.

In terms of cost, the most expensive types of sleeping bags are those that are lightweight and have a very low temperature rating (aka warmth). On the other end of the spectrum are sleeping bags that have a high temperature rating (aka not that warm) and heavy weight.

When looking for a sleeping bag you will fall somewhere between those two extremes depending on your budget and what you would like to use it for.

The two most common types of filler in sleeping bags are polyester fibers and down feathers. Down is the more high performance option, it is lighter for the amount of warmth you’ll get. And, it also compacts smaller than the synthetic polyester fibers. However, down can lose it’s effectiveness when wet, while polyester fibers don’t – so that’s something to consider.

We’ve picked a few sleeping bag topics below to explore, click below to read more about these specific sleeping bag types and how to pick the best one for you.