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Trying to get out into the great outdoors but bring a bit of the city luxury with you? Or are you looking to spread out a little more instead of cramping yourself in against the hard ground? You’ve probably seen plenty of these massive shelters around, but cabin tents—like their names say—provide a lot of cover and comfort.

We've looked at all the many options so you don't have to and we've got our cabin tents review right here. Read on to find out our best cabin tents and which one works best for you and your needs for your next trip.

The 10 Best Cabin Tents

Editor's Rating:

The CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is an amazing tent. Considered one of the best ones on the market, it comes with all the bells and whistles and top notch quality. Its floor plan runs 9 by 14 feet, giving it a pretty large cabin (can fit 2 queen sized air mattresses). It has two rooms with a divider, sort making it a tent with two rooms, and if you have a small crew, you can use the second room as a protected sunroom/vestibule.

It has a lot of windows and a few doors for you use, and the divider can be taken down if need be. It comes in two colors. While the green is usually the listed one, the burgundy/wine color is really great for blending in to your surroundings and fall camping trips.

This is our top rated cabin tent for sure. It is one of the more affordable ones on the list and the quality supersedes the cost easily. Another thing that we love is how tall it is. Some of us are over 6 feet tall, and this one is 78 inches in the center, allowing some of us taller guys to stand up fully. It is our top pick for a lot of reasons, and this amazing cabin tent CORE makes can provide a means of making the best camping trips possible.

Things We Liked

  • Quick and instant set up
  • Tall interior cabin to stand in for taller people
  • Removable room divider to provide a means of more space
  • Floor vents/ground vents for additional cooling
  • Fits 2 queen sized air beds

Things We Didn't Like

  • Some zippers are not entirely waterproof

Editor's Rating:

Very close to being in the number one slot is the Ozark Trail 10 Person Dark Rest Instant Tent. With a 10 by 14 foot floor space, this large cabin tent can house up to one person more for your family camping trip or music festival. It fits two queen size mattresses and has factory sealed seams to keep the moisture out. It's also pretty cheap, giving you that bang for buck.

With removable ceiling panels to add light, you can create some ambiance in your tent. The innovative dark rest technology that OZARK uses creates some extra nighttime atmosphere so you can sleep in, get to bed early, or take that midday nap to help you recharge for the next activities.

It is our Best Camping Tent for tent size and person capacity, though it weighs almost 38 pounds in its carry bag.

Things We Liked

  • Ceiling panels for extra sunlight
  • Removable room divider to create one room or two
  • Fits two queen size mattresses

Things We Didn't Like

  • 6 month warranty
  • Not as fast set up

Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Tent

Editor's Rating:

Coleman is a classic brand that makes classic products, and their Coleman cabin tent is no different. The Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Tent is smaller that our other choices, but comes with great features. The windows are a few sizes smaller, but the tent material and inverted seams keep water out better.

We love its floor plan of a 11 by 9 sleeping room and a 9 by 6 foot screen room. It also comes in different sizes. While the 10 Person size version of this model essentially trades in the screen room for more sleeping room, but the screen room is one of the features makes this tent amazing and truly a "weathermaster." Your family or friends can relax in here to escape bugs on summer nights or you can use it for some storage space for your boots.

Furthermore, the quality materials and durability are designed to provide protection from plenty of elements. This is our most weatherproof cabin tent with its Weathertec system and therefore one of our top rated cabin tents.

Things We Liked

  • Amazing screen room
  • Weather resistant and water resistant due to Weathertec system
  • Durable and long lasting
  • 1 year limited warranty

Things We Didn't Like

  • Slower set up
  • Doesn't fit as many people to sleep in

Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Tent

Editor's Rating:

The Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Tent is a large cabin tent with room, room dividers, and screen rooms. It is a great and spacious tent at 16 by 11 feet and has a center height of 78 inches! While it sleeps 8 people with comfort, you should go with 5 to appreciate the space created by the screen room and make a small living area to socialize.

It has a T-style door to open up the space of the sunroom—but still be protected with the room divider—and fiberglass poles to support the rain fly for weather. However, it needs a few more tent stakes in higher winds, even with an 8 person load.

We like it because it is designed to provide space for a few more people than the Coleman cabin tent alternative. While not as weatherproof, this is a great family cabin tent. Again, while it fits 8 people, go with 5 and enjoy the mesh vestibule!

Things We Liked

  • Lighter than most cabin tents in its carry bag
  • Great for your budget
  • Air vents for a solid wind to come through and cooling
  • Mesh roof aids in with venting system

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not as easy to set up
  • Not as weatherproof as cabin tent alternatives

Alpha Camp 6 Person Tent

Editor's Rating:

The Alpha Camp 6 Person Tent is great if you're not trying to invest so much. It has a 10 x 9 foot floor plan with a 6 foot center, which doesn't make for the tallest. But if you're going for some quick camping trips and are not too fussy, this is a great cabin tent. (It's also a great instant tent with a 60 second setup time!)

It also has a modern feel with great storage pockets for camping equipment and an e-port for any cables needed for stereos or laptops. One of the best features is that this tent has a 2 year guarantee, and they will replace and poles, tent stakes, the polyester rain fly, or other parts that need to be replaced.

We like this one because it's an affordable option for instant cabin tents. It's a great introduction to the plenty of cabin tents out there and solid for a family camping experience or even taking to the beach to hang out.

Things We Liked

  • Affordable
  • 60 second set up
  • Mud mat to keep the interior clean
  • 2 year guarantee

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not the best quality cabin tent as its competitors
  • Not as tall as others at 6 feet in the center

Wenzel Kodiak 9 Person Tent

Editor's Rating:

The Wenzel Kodiak 9 Person Cabin Tent is a great cabin tent that is big on space. The floor runs 14 by 14 feet with a center height of 78 inches (6.5 feet) for us taller folks. It is great for large groups and is a tent with rooms that can be divided. If you have a lot of people, this is a great family cabin tent.

There is a lot of storage space to keep everything up off the ground and protected in the hanging pouches. It also has lockers in the rear and a gear loft to keep things extra organized!

We love this one because it is great for large groups. This tent can make everything organized for everyone. It has large windows for ventilation and looking at nature, which is why it's one of our best cabin tents out there.

Things We Liked

  • D-style door for easy entry
  • Mud mats to keep the inside clean
  • Mesh roof for stargazing at night
  • Large windows for a venting or looking out of

Things We Didn't Like

  • Only one door for entry and exit
  • Not the best for weather protection
  • Not as quick and easy set up as other models

Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted 9 Person Tent

Editor's Rating:

Another tent Coleman makes on our list is the Coleman Prairie Breeze 9 Person Tent. Its size fits many people and has a floor space of 14 by 10 feet that fits an air mattress or two. It also has a center height of 7 feet, making it great if one person is especially large. This camping tent is not an instant tent though: its setup tends to take over ten minutes.

We like this tent as it's the best cabin tent for luxury. This tent features an LED-light system to help you find your way back or just have a little brightness inside. It also has an integrated fan to compete with the weather and keep you cool. It's definitely one of the better family cabin tents if you have someone fussy in your crew.

The Prairie Breeze is a tent Coleman has made into another classic. It may be a little heavier and take longer to set up , but it's one of the better family tents period.

Things We Liked

  • A limited 1 year warranty
  • LED lighting system for nighttime
  • Integrated fan for cooling and ventilation 
  • Weathertec system for climate protection and weather comfort
  • Great for family camping
  • Large living space size fits 2 queen airbeds

Things We Didn't Like

  • Longer setup time
  • Heavy to carry
  • Needs batteries

Browning Big Horn Cabin Tent

Editor's Rating:

Browning may be a company name better known for its hunting gear and firearms, but it makes fantastic tents too. Their Big Horn Cabin Tent is a great tent. While they have different sizes the 5 person model is a great tent to settle in with if you want to save some money (the other is an 8 person model with a room divider).

It's very easy to carry at 21 pounds, making it one of the lighter ones on this list. It is easy to set up and has a rain fly that extends beyond the tent like a small awning, but not a mesh sunroom like others have (though it has a mesh ceiling to let the heat out). The floor space runs 8 by 10 feet, which may seem short, but is great for a smaller crowd. However, it strangely has a center height of over 7 feet, which is the tallest on this list.

It also has storage pockets on its vertical walls, which is really its most luxurious feature. We like this one due to its simplicity and no-fuss set up. This tent goes up fast and gets the job done without trying to sell you too hard on wild features such as an extra side door, ground venting system, power port, inverted seams, or crazy gear storage. You'll be happy with this tent due to its clean style, modest size, and lighter weight.

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Things We Liked

  • Lighter at 21 pounds
  • Very tall center of tent
  • Simple and no fuss
  • Easy to set up

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not a removable divider
  • One door

Editor's Rating:

The SpringBar Highline 6-Person Canvas Tent is an old school and beautiful tent. Forgoing nylon for cotton duck canvas, this tent is heavier, a lot more breathable, and certainly more durable than most tents on this list. The high quality material makes it great for snow camping and keeping warm in those sleeping bags too.

Its setup is more of a build up, needing a lot of attention and time, though one person can do it. With a 10 foot by 10 foot floor plan, it can house six people (it also comes in various sizes and this company has a few models). The center comes in at 78 inches, making it on par with the other tents on the list.

It is extremely heavy at 76 pounds in its roller bag, so go for car camping. Canvas tents are durable and this company offers a tremendous warranty to last a lifetime. We love this tent and think, while the price is high, this is the most durable tent, and probably the most bang for buck if you use it.

Additionally, its most classic feature is an awning that over the door that looks like a rainfly. We cannot recommend this tent enough for its durability and classic design.

Things We Liked

  • Classic camping design
  • Breathable cotton canvas material is better for ventilation
  • Lifetime warranty to make it worth it in the long run
  • Great weather protection

Things We Didn't Like

  • Very expensive and high price
  • Very, very heavy at 76 pounds
  • Not as tall or wide
  • One door
  • Long setup

Eureka Copper Canyon 4 Person Tent

Editor's Rating:

The Eureka Copper Canyon 4 Person Tent is a great size for a family that's smaller. This is a simple cabin tent that can provide a bit of luxury best suited for a few people. While not the size beast that is the other tents are, this one does its job for a smaller group of four. The tent also has large windows that are great for ventilation.

While there are other makes that come in a different size, we love this model because it is modest and packs light to a smaller 18.6 pounds, which is good for the car overall. It's got a floor plan of 8 by 8 feet and a center height of 7 feet.

We like this tent because it is great for summer months and its design allows great ventilation. Setup is easy for two people or less. As we've mentioned, its not the tent for large groups or privacy but houses families well.

Things We Liked

  • Great for summer camping
  • Small size for a small group
  • Quick and easy set up time

Things We Didn't Like

  • Little privacy inside
  • Not as great for other seasons
  • One door

Buyer's Guide

Finding the right cabin tent for you is what we're here for. Before we can dive into some areas to think about before purchasing one of these bad boys, we're going to look at the general pros and cons of owning one of these awesome cabin camping tents.


  • Provides a lot of space
  • Normally well ventilated and have big windows
  • Great for large groups or families
  • Usually have dividers for privacy and extra rooms
  • Normally have many features
  • Contemporary models
  • Usually have more doors and access points in the front and side
  • Some have a mesh roof and sunroom
  • Upright walls provide a large center height for standing up
  • Some poles are attached to the tent for a quick setup time


  • Very heavy; not for backpacking trips
  • Not great in storms, the materials (polyester and nylon) are decent in rain and dealing with water
  • Not a large rainfly
  • Not great for a small group

Things to Consider

There are many things to consider when selecting your cabin tent style. We've broken it down into several areas to look at when you evaluate your purchase and what exactly your next adventure calls for.

Tent Capacity

The first choice you have to make is how big your group is. If your group is really below four people, you could go for a dome tent (two people really don't need cabin tent). But for six to ten people, these cabin tents are great for a bunch of campers or kids. There are a few size ranges, but you'll definitely need a larger cabin tent if you're going with a large number of campers and airbeds.

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Tent access falls under this too. Having a side door is nice to add to the front. Something people often forget is that having all those people and items in the tent with one door can be a little too much, so think of extra access points.

Packed Size

Another choice to make is how big this tent is going to be. Most come in around thirty pounds, but if you're trying for a lighter option, smaller ones will take up less space. Overall, you cannot bring this with your backpacking gear due to its weight, so you're really opting for the car camping option.

Weatherproof and/or Waterproof?

The next choice is the elements and weather conditions. Investing in a polyester or nylon summer camping tent may may not cost you that much. If you pick winter camping, canvas is a way to beat tougher weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and any form of water. Look at the kinds of seams, poles, rainfly to be sure you're getting what you need.


There are many features to consider when looking at these awesome tents, to make it feel more like a glamping home experience. There are gear pockets, hanging pockets, and gear lofts.

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Also, instant set up is something of a more modern feature. Most of these can be set up in less than a minute or two, which makes access to camping that much easier

A mesh ceiling or sunroom is important if campers want a bit more venting and an open air time. Most of them have a high center height as a means to stretch yourself upwards, but be sure to look at the specs for anyone taller than six feet. Some are more luxurious and come with LED lights, fans, and a ton of fancier accessories.

You also have to consider your number of doors that you want on your tent so that everyone is not crawling out the same front entry hall. There are a number of glamping options on the market that provide a means of a bit of nature and a little of home, so pick your investment wisely.


Probably the biggest question hidden in the back of our minds is "how much is this going to cost me?" Price is a big thing to consider in this market. Most tents seem to run in the $200-$300 range, but some of them can go higher or lower. Think of the price as well as how long you are going to use it before making your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cabin tent?

Great question! A cabin tent is is simply a type of very large tent that is very spacious on the inside—more so than your regular dome tents. They are great for gatherings with families, campers, and friends if you all want to stay under the same camping roof. (Children especially love these massive tents for sleepovers, which can certainly make life easier!)

While your standard tent has slanted walls, this option normally has upright straight walls going around it. This gives them the appearance of a regular living structure, like a cabin or cottage that people stay in. Thus, this makes it one of the larger tent types.

Furthermore, these kinds of tents have big windows and multiple doors for coming and going. Some cabin tents can have a sun room or entry hall protected by mesh so that bugs don't get it. Overall, they favor luxury and comfort, not unlike cabins themselves.

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What is a dome tent?

A dome tent is a type of tent has a dome shape to it to provide shelter and protection from wind. The slanted sides allow wind bounce right off of it instead of catching and sweeping your tent away into the strong breeze.

With a rain fly that goes to the ground (or close to it), dome tents allow rain to fall right off instead into the ground instead of going into the tent itself (often people use the rainfly to do a bare bones camping structure). Dome tents tend to have a rectangular floor and two poles that cross diagonally at the top of the tent as their structure.

What is the best cabin tent?

Our top pick for the best cabin tent is CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent. With an area of 126 feet and 6.5 feet in the center of the tent, this one has a very spacious interior. It has great wall storage to keep your things off the floor and a nice protected area. As mentioned in the name, it fits nine people to sleep inside of it and you can set it up in 60 seconds withe ease!

This is a tent CORE produces that has a spacious floor and has great ventilation, and when you spend a few nights in it, you'll see why it's easily one of the best cabin tents out there from our reviews.


That wraps up our review of the best cabin tents in the game currently. These options, while a little bulky and seemingly excessive, are great for large parties or just having extra space to relax in.

Finding the right one for your needs and budget is essential for your next trip. We highly recommended instant cabin tents with great ventilation and solid mesh sunrooms or vestibules. Besides camping, they are great for outdoor festivals, but make sure you don't bring these tents in your backpack!

Thanks for reading our cabin tents reviews. Have a favorite cabin tent or other recommendations that we didn't mention? Leave it in the comments!

A Pro Tip from Us

The mesh sunroom is probably the best and most undersold asset. You can use it for a variety of things, but this vestibule the best means to relax in when there's bugs or place your belongings, like muddy and stinky hiking boots, before entering your sleeping area. In these vestibules, anyone can be found reading or having morning coffee while catching a little sun and keeping the critters away.

Additionally, cabin tents are great for outdoor music festivals. Get there a little early and put your crew in your massive space! The mesh sunroom/porch is a way to reserve additional areas for your friends if you need a tad more room to claim in those busy festival campgrounds.

Fun Fact: Did You Know?

Here's a fun fact: while tents are normally used for recreation and fun in the outdoors, they were originally used by nomadic peoples' living shelters and as a movable home. Teepees or tipis were also used by Native Americans and Aboriginal Canadians as early as 10,000 BCE.