5 Best Family Cabin Tents For Sale (2020 Reviews) | Does Coleman Edge out Competitors?

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After recently reviewing our selections, we've determined that the Core Instant Cabin Tent is the best family cabin tent on the market. We highly recommend reviewing the Core brand and determine if it's the best product for your family.

Camping is an excellent activity.  It gives you the chance to reconnect with each other and work together to create and enjoyable experience.  Family tents allow for more room while camping and make it more comfortable for everyone.

Regular tents often fit one to two people comfortably, but if you have your whole family, you want to have plenty of room for everyone.  Instead of getting multiple tents, you can buy a spacious cabin tent that can sometimes fit up to 16 persons at once.  Large tents are ideal for families with small children who want to keep them close while they sleep at night.

Benefits & Features Of A Family Cabin Tent

A family cabin tent might not seem like a necessity, but it can offer a few benefits that smaller tents might not be able to provide.

The large interior of a big cabin tent is a huge advantage especially if you have four or more people on your camping trip.  The large space will allow everyone to comfortably sleep and can even fit multiple cots or air mattresses.  These types of tents are also meant to last and can stand up to a lot of different weather and multiple uses.  When you have a lot of people using one tent you want to make sure it’s durable. For other tents check out these that  are best for large families if you want more rooms, or these best big camping tents if you want more space.

Glamping, or glamorous camping, is getting a lot of popularity right now. Check out these glamping tents if you want to tent in luxury and style!

Finally, many family cabin tents come with separated interiors.  This gives parents and children a chance to have different “rooms” and a little extra privacy.  It can also be used as a storage place for food or equipment and can keep everything neat and organized in the tent and the camp.

What Exactly Is a Cabin Tent?

It is a tent which has vertical walls and looks much like a cabin. The main features to look for and to value are the size, comfort, space and the capacity to walk straight inside the tent as a result of higher center height.

Cabin tents are used for different activities from camping to organizing an event in the open air. This is why spacious  cabin camping tents are very popular among families who need more space to accommodate parents and children, preferably in separate rooms. These tents are heavier than average size tents but not necessarily more difficult to set up. Some can be put up in minutes.

Which Cabin Tent Is the Best for You?

It depends on the number of people that should be able to occupy the tent comfortably, the camp spots you'll be using (backyard fun camping is also an option) and the time of year you'll be using the tent.

In any case, your tent needs to be durable, robust, weather-proof, appropriate size, with separate rooms, a good ventilation system, and amenities like maybe a toilet and easy power access if there is an outlet nearby.

Family cabin tents vary in sizes but also in the materials they are made from. The 3 most common fabrics used are canvas, polyester, and nylon. Trusted and well-known tent brands always use the best materials so do avoid cheap cheap knockoffs.

Will Your Cabin Tent Survive the Wind?

To make sure the tent doesn't get blown away by the wind, make sure to put up the tent on a safe spot where there is the least wind. Do your best to avoid places where the wind has a clear way to get to your tent - look for a natural barrier.

Stake the tent safely by pitching it with the tent stakes. Most tents include stakes but it would be great to purchase some more sturdy ones just in case it gets really windy. When anchoring the tent, you can use your own home-made anchors or by some.

Best Family Cabin Tents [Top-Rated]

Core 9 tent

A big size family cabin tent can sometimes take extra time to set up.  That isn’t a problem with this nine-person CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent because it can be put together in about 60 seconds.  

It has a divider down the middle, so there are two rooms, and the center height is 78 inches.  It also comes with a rain fly, interior storage pockets, and cable port for electricity.  There are windows and ceiling and floor vents to promote airflow, and the entire tent is water repellent which is great during storms.

A great feature of Core 9 person model is that you can easily put it up in about 1 minute despite quite a large size. This is because all the tent poles are already attached to the tent cloth. This product is also the most durable cabin tent in our lineup.

Wenzel 8 person tent

The central portion of Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent can take eight people comfortably, but it also has a screened in sun room that can function as added space to sleep more campers with just a little lower center height.  

There are walls to the screened porch so you can zip them up for privacy and rain protection.  There is also an option to have a mesh roof for maximum airflow, which is nice because it can get hot with a lot of people in one tent.  This 8 person tent is fully is coated to be water repellent and comes with all equipment to set up.

Ozark tent

Not only can Ozark Trail 10-Person Family Cabin Tent accommodate ten persons and up to three queen air mattresses, but it also has three individual rooms.  This is a great 10 person tent for privacy as well as housing gear and food if necessary.  

There are six windows which can help with tent ventilation as well as three doors that allow for easy access and excellent views.  There is a taped rain fly to help prevent water from getting into the tent and comes with a zippered carrying bag.

Coleman Tenaya 8 person tent

The Coleman Tenaya 8-Person Camping Tent offers a few different features than other brands.  First, this spacious cabin tent from Coleman features built-in closet with shelves and hanger bar to help you stay organized. The E-Port feature will make it easy to bring electrical power inside your tent

Second, the main door is on a hinge instead of a zipper that makes for easy access and less time for bugs to sneak their way into the tent.  It also has a room divider, all necessary poles, and Coleman’s patented WeatherTec ™ system to keep you dry.

Tahoe Gear 14 Person tent

Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season Cabin Tent is one of the largest you can get and fits up to 14 campers.  There are three different rooms inside the tent, and there is an extended vestibule which adds extra space with minimum loss in center height.  

The three rooms can be zippered shut, or you can open them up to have one open floor plan.  The fly canopy has a solar shield to reflect the sun which keeps the tent cooler once it gets warmer in the camp.

Whether you’re a group of four or fourteen, you can find a tent that will allow you to enjoy camping together. Family cabin tents are not only great for camping, but you can use them for reunions, backyard parties, and even take them to music festivals or outdoor shows.  Most cabin tents come with all the equipment you need so you don’t have to worry about a thing and can enjoy the most of your time.

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