The 6 Best Mummy Sleeping Bag Reviews (In 2018)

Mummy sleeping bags are popular with adventurists, mountaineers, and backpackers mostly because they trap air tightly to the body. The drawstring hood can be tightly tied to keep the face and head warm. Mummy bags work best when you place a sleep pad underneath them to add a layer of insulation between you and the ground.

Another tip is to wear thermal underwear to trap your body heat inside the sleeping bag. Mummy bags compress tightly and add very little weight to the backpack. Be sure to check the temperature rating before your trip. Choose a temperature that is slightly lower than the temperatures you expect.

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Mummy Sleeping bags vs. Rectangular Sleeping Bags

When looking for a sleeping bag for camping in cold temperatures, shape matters. The tighter the sleeping bag is to your body, the less chance there is for cold air to enter the empty space. Your body heat radiates and reflects heat to help keep you warm. The sleeping bag forms a barrier between your warm body and the cold air outside.

Novice campers may be quick to grab a rectangular sleeping bag because it is the style that they are most familiar with. The most obvious benefit to choosing a rectangular-shaped bag is that there is a lot more room, especially for your feet. Rectangle bags are great for active sleepers. That may be fine when camping in reasonably good weather. If the temperatures turn cold, campers will stay warmer in a barrel-shaped or mummy-style bag.

If you’re truly looking to stay warm while you sleep at the campsite, you can’t go wrong with a mummy-style sleeping bag. Mummy bags are narrower near the shoulder and hip areas to take advantage of warmth, while reducing size and bulk. The down side is that what you gain in warmth, you lose in the ability to move around while you sleep.

The Best Mummy Sleeping Bag Reviews In 2018

Coleman North Rim Mummy Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

Price: $55.38 at

Coleman is a trusted name in camping gear and they offer this mummy sleeping bag that fits most people up to 6’2”. It is filled with 60 ounces of Coletherm insulation to keep you comfortable down to 15 degrees. The outer shell is made of a diamond ripstop polyester cover with a polyester liner. It also has an offset quilt construction to eliminate cold spots.

TETON Sports Tracker Mummy Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

Price: $68.00 at

The nicest feature of this mummy sleeping bag is the 3-piece hood that adjusts to contour around your face and keeps ears and head tucked in tightly. It’s longer than most mummy bags. It contains an extra layer of fill in the built-out foot-box that keeps your feet warm, while giving them a little room to move around. It comes in a striking green/grey or red/grey color combination.

Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy Sleeping BackRead Product Reviews

Price: $39.38 at

Backpackers looking for an ultra-lightweight mummy bag will love this bag by Suisse Sport. It’s sized for adults, but compresses down tightly to 12” x 7” x 7”, so it takes up almost no room in your pack. The ideal temperature for this bag is 40-55 degrees, but it may keep you warm down to 30 degrees when you use a sleep pad and wear thermals.

TETON Sports TrailHead Mummy Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

Price: $59.99 at

This TETON mummy sleeping bag is durable and highly water-resistant. The outer shell is made of a diamond riptstop polyester fabric. The interior is made of a cozy, brushed micro-polyester lining. It’s a little longer and wider than most mummy sleeping bags and weighs only 2.9 pounds. It also includes an interior pocket for storing your wallet or electronics, and comes in a cool orange/grey or green grey color combination.

Rovor Mummy Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

Price: $59.99 at

Use this mummy sleeping bag three seasons of the year. It keeps you warm down to zero degrees. It’s filled with H4 hollow fiber fill for extra warmth. It’s made with a 260 thread count in the microfiber lining to ensure comfort and softness. It measures 90” long, 31” wide at the shoulder, and 20” wide at the foot section. It measures 17” long with a 10” diameter when compressed into the storage sack.

Coleman Silverton Mummy Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

Price: $40.59-$122.79 at

Coleman manufactures this mummy bag with hollow fiber fill that traps heat inside and is also lightweight for easy packing. It has a polyester ripstop outer shell and a comfy polyester liner. The zipper plows fabric away from the zipper to prevent snags. Keep warm down to 15 degrees.

Mummy sleeping bags are the warmest, lightest, and easiest to pack sleeping bags, so you can’t really go wrong with them. The temperature ratings vary quite a bit, so be sure to compare the temperature rating against your intended use.