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Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag

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Perfect for extreme cold temperature

Western Mountaineering Backpacking Sleeping Bag

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Great for various sleeping positions

Hyke & Byke Quandary 15 f 650 Fill Backpack Sleeping Bag

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If you’re going to spend time trekking across the globe or roughing it out in the wild, it’s important that you have the proper gear to keep you safe and protected while you’re out there.

Mummy sleeping bags are a great tool for sleeping purposes. They envelop you from head to toe to keep you as warm as possible and protect you from those cold nights. Hiking, mountain climbing, trail riding, and any other outdoor activity calls for the best mummy sleeping bag to keep you safe, warm, and cozy!

There are a lot of mummy sleeping bags to choose from. If you do a basic search on Amazon or any other shopping locale, you could quickly become overwhelmed with the options! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve done the hard work for you and sifted through the masses to narrow it down to the very best options!

Whether you prefer backpack sleeping or synthetic insulation, we some of the top rated mummy sleeping bags to share with you in full, detailed reviews!

We've got a lot of ground to cover so let’s get started! 

Best Sleeping Bag Mummy Sleeping Bag Reviews

In these reviews, you will discover all of the details you need to know to make an informed decisions for your next sleeper bag. From explanation, discussion, and a list of the pros and cons, you will find it all here!  

Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag

Editor's Rating:

This option from Coleman is one of the best sleeping bags for backpacking sleeping and more. It's a full length sleeping bag with a great warmth to weight ratio and a temperature rating that really stands out as a sleeping bag best. It's a really great price point for the sleeping bag quality.

This sleep in bag from Coleman is olive in color and accommodates temperatures as low as 0 degrees. While this may not work for super tall people, it does accommodate up to 6 foot 2 inches of height. The hood is sculpted and these sleeping bags come as a top pick.

When you're choosing a sleeping bag mummy bag, you want a high quality option that is going to provide you with comfort but also be an ultralight sleeping mummy bags like this so that it rolls to a convenient packed size for your stuff sack.

This option is well made and has quilting construction for mountain hardwear use and thru hikers that need a good comfort rating. You can even joy car camping and this bag is guaranteed to keep you warm. The insulated footbox is perfect for a cold sleeper to add a little extra warmth to those troublesome cold spots.

The zipper has a zip plow system allows you to easily zip up without worrying about snags and such. This backpacking quilt may be a bit tight for the side sleeper but you can simply move the backpacking sleeping bag with you as you turn. This warm bag is one of the best and you really can't go wrong when you use this for backpacking trips.

Things We Liked

  • Best overall mummy sleeping bag
  • Shell fabrics allows for warmth even below 20 degrees fahrenheit
  • Top rated mummy sleeping bag with a good price
  • Sleeping bag has a good warmth to weight ratio 
  • Made with synthetic fill that will make sure you are warm and has a lower limit for temperature ratings

Things We Didn't Like

  • The hood is always in compression sack mode rather than having the ability to lay flat for warmer summer nights
  • Sleep system does not allow you to easily turn with the mummy design

Why We Like It

We love this option from Coleman because it's a great backpacking bags option that has a really nice price and effectively retains body heat to keep you warm and cozy in the three season cold and all other times as well. This is a great choice for the best backpacking mummy sleeping bag on the market

Western Mountaineering Backpacking Sleeping Bag

Editor's Rating:

Western Mountaineering makes premium backpacking sleeping bags like the Western Mountaineering ultralite and this Alpin Lite option is a great down insulation bag that is perfect for wet conditions and extreme cold. You can choose regular and long sizes that measure up to 6' 6" in length. You can also choose your zip style for the right or left with the Western Mountaineering option.

The draft tube of this backpacking bag from Western Mountaineering has a fill power that will make you feel like it's a warm summer even at 20 degrees! These bags come with built in sleeping pads and a fill goose down with a suitable warmth to weight ratio for the bag. This is a high end bag and it does have a high end price but the temperature ratings are nearly unmatched by several competitors.

Side sleepers can be perfectly comfortable thanks to the flexibility of the shell fabric, which is durable water resistant material. The fill is 800 fill plus, up to 900 fill. The draft tubes are perfect when combined with the fill power. These season bags from Western Mountaineering are one of the best backpacking sleeping bag choices for good sleeping in the cold.

You will also find that the Western Mountaineering 850 fill bag is good for 20 f with a draft collar that will retain the heat. The sleeping pad is built into the bag without making it heavier but it gives you plenty of comfort. Packed in the compression sack, these Western Mountaineering sleeping bags only weight slightly over 1 pound.

Keep in mind that this is a premium bag option and the cost may require some planning for the high quality build that Western Mountaineering offers in this 850 fill goose down mummy bag.

Things We Liked

  • Almost as perfect as the Western Mountaineering Ultralite model 
  • Fill weight is 850 fill and only slightly over 1 pound for pack weight 
  • Bag makers offer an awesome temp rating of 20 f but potentially suitable for 15 f 
  • The sleeping pad sleeve is built into for en comfort and warmth rating potential
  • Water resistant and can be washed gently in the washing machine

Things We Didn't Like

  • There is extra room in the shoulder which may be harder to conform for some women's sleeping bag needs 

Why We Like It

Many people are familiar with the en ratings of the Western Mountaineering Ultralite sleeping bag but we actually prefer this one for camping trips. It's made a bit differently and is a few ounces heavier but the shoulder room and the head coverage really stand out in this zip bag when you take everything into commission. 

Hyke & Byke Quandary 15 f 650 Fill Backpack Sleeping Bag

Editor's Rating:

If you're a big fan of the feathered friends Hummingbird UL backpack sleeping bags you might just like these down bags from Hyke & Byke. While they are not Feathered Friedsn Hummingburd UL, they have a lot of similarities that really draw people in.

These sleeping bags come in several different color options. They can be used in wet conditions or even in a warm summer and will keep you warm in a lower limit temperature rating with 15 f as the indicator. There are sleeping pads built into the bag for some additional comfort. The sleeping bag also had a 600 fill goose fill that is closer to 650 in fill power. This gives it a significant warmth rating as well as a comfort rating.

You can stuff your ultralight sleeping bag into its compression sack when you're ready and it has a low packed size that makes it a top pick on the market. Keep in mind the fill power is light but still has high temperature ratings for the warmth to weight ratio.

These mummy bags are great for car camping, backpacking gear bag weight, various sleeping positions, reasonable shoulder girth, and cold sleepers. It is warm and has a nice blanket fold that lets you pack it in your compression sack with no issues at all. Your camping trip will never be better.

The bag insulation and warmth ratings make this a desirable choice for the price. Did we mention that it is covered by a lifetime warranty so if you run into issues 10 backpacking trips from now, you will be covered in full! The hood and body of these models provide you with a version that gives you plenty of length and temperature control for men and women.

Things We Liked

  • Performance is key for backpacking adventures and this delivers
  • Compare to Feathered Friends Swallow YF or Hummingbird UL for construction and feature quality
  • Lifetime warranty speaks to performance and rating features
  • 600 fill goose down and then some
  • Perfect for cold nights in the backcountry

Things We Didn't Like

  • The interior quilts shed a lot of feathers, despite the design. Others shed two or three feathers but this bed may loft more than expected

Why We Like It

When you compare to the Feathered Friends Hummingbird UL option (which is a great choice), this is an example that you can often find a list feature for less. Backpackers have to be careful to account for a variety of things but this sleeping bag blanket has you covered, from shoulders to toes and more! 

Big Agnes Lost Dog Mummy Bag

Editor's Rating:

Next on our list is another popular brand, known as Big Agnes. These sleeping bags are some of the best sleeping bags with temperature ratings that make them stand out a a reasonable warmth to weight ratio. They have high temperature ratings as well as a comfort rating and they are perfect for low limit. You can be comfortable in 30 f, 20 f, or as low as 0 f.

This backpack sleeping bag actually allows you to choose a temperature rating of 0-45 degrees so you can make sure you're prepared with a bag that can handle higher limit temperatures or lower limit temperatures depending on what you need.

The packed size of this bag is a bit heavier than some bag options. When it comes to backpack sleeping, every pound counts so the 4 pounds 10 ounces of this stuff sack could be too much for some people. Some of this is attributed to the sleeping pad that is built into these sleeping bags.

These sleeping bags are made with full warmth. They are roomy and comfy so if you are just looking for a good sleeping pad bag to keep you warm, this is it! At full length , you can get up to 72 inches in length. The foot box is also roomy so you don't feel smashed into place. The heat retention is excellent with thermo gills technology.

The limit rating is sufficient for whatever your needs may be with this Big Agnes sleeping bag en comfort. It is also covered by a warranty that lasts a lifetime so go ahead and pick one of these up for your storage sack and enjoy the upper limit or lower limit sleeping bag liner faculties in a mummy shape backpacker bag.

Things We Liked

  • Sleeping bags include accommodations for various sized sleeping pad
  • Full length with the ability to choose an upper limit width
  • Temperature rating capability for lower limit down to 0 f
  • Water repellent material to protect you in all elements
  • Covered by a life long warranty 

Things We Didn't Like

  • For a backpacking trip the design may be too heavy or consume more room than you want for your pack. The weight packed is close to 5 pounds and there is no way to reduce weight. 
  • The zipper features are not the best and the zipper has a tendency to fall apart on the zipper mechanism

Why We Like It

If you like to be able to turn from bottom to side and keep the warmth that insulation provides no matter the space you're sleeping in, this quilt number might just be an ideal option for sleep your way. The zippers aren't amazing but the zippers themselves stay in place as they should. 

Mountain Hardwear Women's Bozeman Sleeping Bag

Editor's Rating:

This option from Mountain Hardwear was created with features that are best as sleep use for a woman. The number measurements from top to bottom are slightly more narrow and typically not as long for use, which makes it for suitable for women's conditions and sleeping style.

The nice thing for comfort is the size and insulation properties can still be chosen in two or more way for the price. You can choose from regular or long quilt builds with one option that even lets you choose a right zipper or a left zipper. You can sleep on top of a sleeping pad if you like. The insulation is significant with draft collars as part of the design for warmth. Test results show this as a great selection for car camping bags and more.

This is made with nylon and an offset quilt design that is perfect for cold nights and will protect your from any number of cold nights down to 15 degrees. The exterior vinyl reminds us of polyester taffeta blend. You get air space and great zipper lengths without having to sleep on a no pad ground way.

This has one zipper which is designed not to snag. The features are friendly for comfortable sleep in a tent or in a car. Your gear won't be overloaded and the range of temperature is a nice fit as well. There are several factors that stand out in this mummy bag when we were testing for the winners. Many recommendations say that the versatility of this is also feasible for consideration.

The foot box allow movement and the manufacturer gives you the special treatments with types of items like thermal optimization that you just can't face not having on hand.

Things We Liked

  • A sturdy and reliable sleeping bag in comparison to other products
  • A great value for the money
  • Travel the world in comfort and cocoon layer care
  • Lends to versatility, comfort, and warmth without taking excessive space in your gear 
  • Great for any weather with a nylon shell and elements to prevent heat loss as well as a strong zipper type

Things We Didn't Like

  • The baffle construction is slightly narrow by shape and design but the length is adequate
  • The neck baffle doesn't provide a lot of versatility or movement

Why We Like It

If you're specifically looking for a women's bag, the features here are perfect quality. You get all of the comfort conditions that you need for sleep. You can move with the baffle spacing of the design features. This is not a summer bag and could limit your sleeping positions as well. 


Editor's Rating:

Many backpacking sleeping bags would point out Appalachian Trail as a budget friendly sleeping bag. While the r value of those is great we prefer this choice from Winner outfitters for backpacking sleeping on a budget. It ranks in as one of the best sleeping bags you will find for an affordable price and it really delivery in terms of features and design.

These sleeping bags require no sleeping bag as they are designed for comfort. You can compare them to an 800 fill but they actually have synthetic insulation instead. The draft collar with keep you warm and you might even feel like you have a "Therm a Rest" solution at your fingertips.

You can choose from a few different colors and they are all under $50 but have high sleeping bags ratings, a good warmth rating, en comfort for thru hikers, and can be tossed in the washing machine to clean up. The fill weight is less than 3 pounds with fill powers that will easily fit into the bags that were recently enlarged to make it easier to stuff sack. These bags are pretty awesome quality for the price.

The temperature for this selection only goes to about 30 f, which is similar to an 800 or 850 fill sleep bags. The draft collar is well designed on these sleeping bags with a temperature rating and a sleeping pad comfort that is close to other various models. It has all of the things you would expect including warmth and space for your feet and head.

The materials will keep out moisture, even when you are in a tent. You can add a pad and have all of the insulation you need in this design.

Things We Liked

  • Find comfort in a tent or car camping with less moisture and no issue with the amount of heat maintained
  • This product is lightweight like other brands with comparable value
  • There is not much difference in this type of bag compared to high brand gear on the market
  • Information points to a decent volume for weight compared to other designs
  • Adventure is out there and this bag lets you get out there with campers on a budget

Things We Didn't Like

  • The packability may be a reason to fret but the company states they have recently made changes to the case in order to accommodate packability
  • May not be as warm as the level of temps promised according to what some testing experience reported

Why We Like It

This bag doesn't have a lot of differences in comparison to more expensive bags. It's a great size with lots of room insude for hips, feet, man bulk, and footbox alike. The hoods are well made and the protection is nice. The downfall is that it might not really be as warm as it should be so you may want to give it some tests before you give it the full nature guide treatment. 

Hyperion Companies Ultralight Sleeping Therm A Rest Hyperion Bag

Editor's Rating:

If you're looking for one of those down hugger best backpacking sleeping bags look no further than this awesome design from Therm A Rest Hyperion. This is one of the more premium options and it comes in 3 different sizes. It also comes equipped with a water bottle and pad loops so you can easily design your own comfort.

The foot vent space gives you tongs of room and you won't even consider hand pockets because you will be snuggled down into these down bags that have a dwr finish and dreaming your night away with no issues at all. The Therm A Rest Hyperion ultralight sleeping bags are another choice that easily let you use a sleeping pad or go with out.

The temperature rating is 32 degrees, which is reasonable for this choice. You get more than 800 fill or 850 fill with this 900 fill blends. If you're looking for the lightest full length bag the Therm A Rest Hyperion is absolutely the way to go! It weight less than a pound at packed size and provides r value for side sleepers and back sleepers alike.

These backpack sleeping bags have the same pertex endurance technology that big names like Feathered Friends has. The warmth rating is nice as well in this ultralight sleeping bag. You will find this bag is great for efficiency and comfort. It's part of the European norm for size, weight, insulation, and backpacking design.

The hood will keep your features nice and warm and the length is great for all conditions of height. You can sleep on your side or use these bags on a sleeping pad if you prefer. Goose down and design give you a baffle box that will reduce loft for use. the hood will size to your head and provide you with extra heat insulation as well.

Things We Liked

  • Insulation is comparable to pertex quantum design insulation features 
  • Room to move but also cocoon into this bag for warmth and quality sleep
  • Does not weigh two or even three pounds but rather less than one pound of weight in your pack
  • The hood creates the perfect finish for warmth and conforms to your one size 
  • Bags are high quality fabric but also ultralight with Therm a Rest Hyperion features

Things We Didn't Like

  • The warmth rating of these backpack sleeping bags could really be better considering the goose fill power level and the menu price
  • The fabric is slick and you may find that your baffles become twisted or move around a lot in your sleep, even with the loops for lofts

Why We Like It

You don't need a pillow and you won't even notice this bag added to your gear pack. You can comfortably sleep in a tent or in the backcountry on the range in various conditions and you will be warm and cozy with this insulation and design. Testing says the performance of this bag is great for all body sizes and types of sleepers. 

Kelty Cosmic 20 Synthetic Insulation Sleeping Bag

Editor's Rating:

Here is another bag that doesn't cost quite as much but will suit most needs just fine. It's built to handle 20 f temperatures is is a best sleeping bag in our books for the temperature rating, packed size, and more. If you like the feel of the REI co-op or REI co article, this is a comparable solution.

You can choose this bag in two different color selections. These can be a tad heavier pack gear than some sizes. The packed size can range from 2.5 to nearly 5 pounds depending on the sleeping bag that you choose. There is both long and regular available.

The shell is soft nylon and made with durable fabric. You will feel natural as you slip into the bag. The Cosmic 20 allows you to enjoy the spaced foot edge in the bag as well. This even has a really cool stash pocket in it for your phone to keep it warm and safe as well.

The Cosmic 20 bag may not be a Nemo Forte or a Marmot Hydrogen but Kelty Cosmic 20 got it right with this design and you can't argue with the kit price. This has two way zipper functionality for versatility and simplicity as well. Kelty Cosmic 20 has a fill power that is unmatched in backpacking sleeping bags thanks to the synthetic fabric insulation design.

Kelty Cosmic also lets you choose other warmth rating choices that range from 0 to 40, much better than Pillow Barn and comparable to the en lower limit of Yolla Bolly for a reasonable price.

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Things We Liked

  • Compare to big names like REI Co op Igneo, Backcountry bed, Sierra designs, Magma 15, and even Teton Sports but with a lower price range
  • Kelty Cosmic 20 is a highly rated sleeping bag that is one of the best
  • Fill power gives you lots of warmth and comfort without a pad sleeve needed
  • Bags allow you to lie on bottom or side just as you might in bed
  • Variety of choices including the ability to stave off different temperature result

Things We Didn't Like

  • This is not an ultralight sleeping bag and the packed size can be nearly 5 pounds at packed gear bag

Why We Like It

For the price of these sleeping bags, they are really well engineered. Some cheaper bags tend to use a center zipper to force center zip which just isn't a good weight or warmth factors. The price on these bags is unmatched for the weight and warmth power of this number! 

Nemo Disco Insulated Down Sleeping Bag, Men or Women's

Editor's Rating:

You may have heard of Nemo Disco before. These Nemo sleeping bags are popular for their curved design because it doesn't feel like you're suffocating but you are still very warm and comfortable with the insulated bag. Nemo bags actually have center zip thermo gills that allow you to ventilate if you get hot but they don't let in an cold draft while doing so.

The Nemo neck area has a blanket fold that makes you feel tucked in, just like you might at home in your bed. This is yet another means to control your temperature to your liking. Nemo bags are made with goose down fill but the down is actually responsibly sourced and rated by the responsible down standards certification.

You can easily hang out on your side and have plenty of moving room for your knees and elbows in Nemo bags. You don't have to roll the entire bag with you for this shape maneuver and you get to keep your insulation in tact when you move. The shape is perfect and the hood is great. It's an awesome bag design from top to bottom that you don't see on very many models on the list.

These Nemo bags ratings speak for themselves really. You can choose the version of fill based on your degree of favorite, with fill blanket quilt coverage for 15 or 30 degrees. Put your mind at easy while you and the others sleep in cozy fabric and warmth without the need for a sleeping pad in your pack. This bag version is even covered by a life time warranty.

Nemo bags fabric is breathable and will prevent moisture from disturbing your head or feet, whether you're in a tent or not! The bottom foot area is even breathable as well so the person that likes nothing on their feet shouldn't be an issue with the lightweight feel of the system on these products.

Things We Liked

  • Unique variety from a rated backpackers brands manufacturer
  • Sleeping bag offers versatility for all backpackers and performance that many bag product items simply don't have
  • Added benefit of ventilation system in this bag product
  • Couple of comfort add-ons like the ability to sleep on your side for example
  • Lightweight and friendly to all weather product importance

Things We Didn't Like

  • Nemo bags are not for everyone, particular if you prefer a version that will pack you into the insulation and hold you tight. Nemo bags allow movement in these feature models. 

Why We Like It

The Nemo bag is great in terms of weight, comfort, and ingenuity. Just check out the rating and you will be impressed for the price. You get every feature you can consider and the ability to sleep in your tent as comfortably as you might in your own bed. 

Teton Sports Tracker Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Editor's Rating:

For our final selection, we thought we should share another budget friendly classic that we hope you will love as much as we do. This bag can easily connect to a pad sleeve, you can compare it to a backcountry bed or Sierra Designs but it is its own unique creation.

This bag version has a light weight design that is similar to goose fill but is actually not. The bag gives you a little amount of space near the top to use for your elbows so you can transition to your side and snooze like you would in your bed.

There are two size choices in this system, including scout and adult. The adult size is long enough for tall people as well. This has the weight and insulation warmth of a quilt bags blanket but designed into a sleeping bag. The weight is perfect for your pack and won't over weight your gear. You can use this bag in a tent our out in nature as well.

This also has a stash pocket so you can keep your phone or personal items safe and warm as well. It's near the top hood and has a zipper to make it easy to fill and access. The rating on this price won't cause a weight of worry as to how you can ever afford the bag either! Teton really hit it out of the park with these bags.

If you're an avid backpacker that wants something of value without having to cut your budget to nothing, this type of bag could be perfect. It's less than half what other piece means with similar dimensions and picks typically are and you can easily move to your sides without it being a major job to do so.

Things We Liked

  • A great value bag at less than half the cost of some
  • The means to wiggle and move without exposing your neck to the cold or the ground
  • Includes a pocket for storage 
  • Comes with a compression sack to reduce bulk
  • Flap at top gives you some versatility ventilation if needed

Things We Didn't Like

  • The drawstring on the hood makes it hard to get it even 
  • The zipper tends to catch on some of the inner fabric

Why We Like It

Don't fret about the price of a sleeping bag that you can take camping and actually stay warm with. This sleeping bag has got you covered, and we mean that quite literally! This is definitely one of the best sleeping bags out there and it has one of the best price ranges for a sleeping bag to boot. 

Buyer's Guide

If you're looking for one of the best sleeping bags, it can be helpful to know what to look for in a bag. We want to help you make the best decision possible. While we've shared a menagerie of great sleeping bags here, we also think it's pertinent that you know what to look for when you choose a sleeping bag to meet your advantages.

We've put together a simple buyer's guide to give you some things to consider as you check out the sleeping bags we've listed here as some of the best bags on the market. Take these features and topics into consideration so you can be happy with your decision in the end!

What is the Difference Between A Mummy Bag and a Rectangle Bag?

If you haven't had a lot of different experiences in Colorado, Utah, or some other group of places that tends to get really cold at night, you may be questioning whether these tools are really worth the attention to your wallet. Can't you just use a normal sleeping bag?

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Here is the thing. While these purchases can be costly, the formula for comfort is far different and the impact of staying warm is also in a whole different department. It might be worth the compromise to have the essentials of heat and coziness taken care of when you're sleeping in the peaks.

When you sleep up in the mountains, you run across things like wind, condensation, and harsh environments that can quickly take a toll. Even in the desert, you might experience extreme cold at nighttime. Do yourself a favor and prepare with the right bag styles for the region that you are visiting for your expeditions.

A mummy bag is one of our favorites if you could face any topic of cold or adverse weather. These have just the right combinations of fluff and warmth to give you an advantage. They contour to your body and even cover your ears and head. In our opinion, no hat or beanie could offer the same relationship to superiority.

A rectangle bag has its own strength as well. It might be the convenience for somebody just packing for a simple visit to their favorite campground. In those cases, it will keep them heated enough for the locale. The chance of them freezing by the campfire when the nights are about 50 degrees checks out and the risk is reduced.

Mummy bags are great for adventurers who seek out elevations and heights that require additional protection. The fillings are designed for such situations.

Insulator Grade Profile

One thing you will want to be careful to observe is just what kind of temperatures a user mentions as well as the stated categories from the distributors. If you could be in zero degrees, you should prepare for that spectrum. Take a look at thermolite options and the scale of the equipment compared to the costs on the tag.

The concept here is you will wear this bag for your slumber as a camper and you want the lightest coverage with reliable closure to keep our drafts and protect you from the elements for your activities. When you are out in the wild, proper warmth could be the difference between damage to your life or even death if you aren't prepared.

Don't take a bag out for periods of time that won't provide you with the filling to stand up to the task.

Lengths and Widths

Another preferences that users should keep in mind are the measurements and the stitching. A common complaint is that people can't move their arms or stretch or turn. Their torso may not fit comfortably and it's a miserable process to find the right position.

Check out the circumference as well as the compressibility spec. Some brands offer different versions so you can choose the frame that will work for your preference. It's also ok to look for feedback and tips about the lofts and ratios to really know if your concerns will be matched.


Anyone will tell you to look for the addition of stars from readers, testers, and users to give you an idea of the quality. This gives you an inside looking at the manufacturers answers as well as the durability for the outdoors before you spend a lot of money.

These best sleeping bags have a broad range of performance qualities as well as money qualities. Be sure to plan ahead as to how much you're willing to spend on these products and then choose a model that fits the bill. The label is not always everything and you can often find alternative that will fall in middle purchase levels and still be great when you check out the comparisons.

Do your research, check out application, considerations, detail, examples, and any potential problem reasons. Then, make an education selection that makes sense for the majority of your uses and the rule of your budget as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mummy Sleeping Bags Better?

We don't want to say they are better because as a practice any type of sleeping bag could be a revelation for the task at hand. They are better for some situations because they give caution to to exceptions like noise, heat, and extras along those lines. Rectangle bags are more like blankets and could be the culprit of leaving you cold if you aren't in a standard climate.

Which Brand of Sleeping Bag is the Best?

We listed the Coleman camping bag for the term of best overall bag for the charge. You probably know the name and there are a ton of benefits for a steal of a deal. Of course, there are a lot of other great package savings that could win the best of sleeping bags ticket without exception.

What is the Best 0 Degree Sleeping Bag?

You will find that many of the selections in this thread really only fall to about 15 degrees and other sorts of coverage. The Agnes and the Coleman interests are the best for 0 the 0 degrees category hat we shared here for buying purposes.

How Do You Sleep Comfortably in a Mummy Bag?

If you tend to be a side or front sleeper, finding the means to nest down or spoon in your mummy bag is one of the downsides. Here's what you should know. One of the complaints for this type is that permission to move is restricted. You might not be able to bend your knee or touch your arm when you are all zipped in.

The good news of the press is that you can turn the whole bag with you until you find yourself on the basis of somewhere with relative comfort in your spot. Since these practically mold to you, you can bend or turn round with the bag.

You will also find that some of these offer more space as a bonus so you have full direction of your roominess and layers and can do anything you want within the guides of your bag. It's just a matter of adjustment to the content and learning how to best make it answer to YOU.


Choosing a sleeping bag is about so much more than just weight or rating. In many cases, you need more than just a blanket and the temperature rating is an absolute must to understand. The weight and insulation are also important factors that should be at the top place of your thoughts.

Whether you;re in the wild of California or a mt peak in New Hampshire, you need every piece to count so you can have the best adventure possible!

Here's to your next adventure with your new sleeping bag and enjoying the outside world for what it offers!

Expert Tip

The zippers can make a world of difference on performance. Is the zipper easy to control from the inside? Will is snag or stick? Is it awkward to reach? Always look for the testing of this detail as an example before you choose!

Did You Know?

Many adventurers prefer to sleep in a hammock rather than tents because it offers so much more by way of comforter stability. Every ounce in the pack counts and hiker experts will toss out pieces to save 1.5 ounces on their back while they hike.