Nylon fabric is comfortable and durable

One Wind XL Double Camping Hammock Set

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Soft and comfortable with plenty of length

Wise Owl Outfitter Hammocks Camping

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Lightweight and breathable fabric

Eno DoubleNest Lightweight Double Camping Hammock

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If you're hitting the trails with a friend or significant other, sometimes it is much easier to use a two person hammock instead of hassling with separate camp hammocks at each stop. When you're checking our the best two people hammocks for campers, there are a lot of options out there.

Whether you're looking for a camping hammock or just want two person hammocks to hang up in the backyard, we've got you covered! We've sorted through the market to bring you the very best two person hammocks for camping and more that are on the market.

In this guide, we will share with you a few of our favorite double hammock options, some may be backpacking hammocks or a double camping hammock while others might be a creative solution for your hammock tree. Stick with us to find the best two person hammock that you could possibly need!

Best Two Person Hammock Reviews

One Wind XL Double Camping Hammock Set

Editor's Rating:

If you're looking for camping hammocks for two, this hammock is our best overall choice. These will comfortably be large enough to hold two people but can be used for just one as well. You will fund comfort with this hammock set. It comes in several different color choices and there are no spreader bars to contend with or a hammock stand so it is perfect for camping trips.

This particular option has straps included and carabiners, meaning hammock tree straps. It also include a mosquito net material that makes the perfect bug net when you're enjoying the great outdoors for your camping experience. The company even has a satisfaction guarantee.

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This is made with nylon taffeta materials and the fabric is soft and flexible to meet a weight capacity of well over 400 pounds. It is designed to provide protection and comfort for two people and includes the stuff sack. This camping hammocks package even has a pretty great price tag on it.

Things We Liked

  • Nylon fabric is comfortable and durable 
  • Two person hammock with complete outdoor set, can also be used for just one person
  • Tree straps are sturdy and reliable
  • Lightweight suspension keeps it slack and cozy
  • The price is great for any hammock camping experience

Things We Didn't Like

  • Some campers prefer a hammock tent or storage pockets 
  • The measurements don't seem to be consistent for occupants and manufacturers

Why We Like It

This is a show of workmanship with 5 stars across the board. It's a value steal that will provide shelter and comfort for backpackers or just hanging out in the fresh air at home. We love this hammock for the versatility and the durability in the designs.

Wise Owl Outfitter Hammocks Camping

Editor's Rating:

If you need a budget price, this is the perfect budget pick for two person hammocks. These hammocks will comfortably hold one or two people and are quite easy to work with. You can even choose from about 14 different color options as well, which is always a bonus!

This is made with parachute nylon so it's not a polyester material or acrylic fabric that some manufacturer models will put out for cheaper designs. It's soft and comfortable and the cost is perfect as well. The suspension straps are well made and you don't have to worry about extra gear or rope because this comes with everything you need.

This offers a 500 pound weight capacity so your body or you and another body can use this bed area and not worry about space. These hammock sleepers come in a nice stuff sack that can be a game changer on the hiking trail. It is lightweight and compact and the hammock comes with all of the best features you might need for relaxation with your partner.

Things We Liked

  • Choose your own style model with a variety of color options
  • Product is soft and comfortable with plenty of length
  • Hammock straps and suspension system are simple accessories
  • High quality for a reasonable price 
  • Holds up to 500 pounds without ever touching the ground

Things We Didn't Like

  • The carabineers are made of steel which makes them almost too heavy for the strength of the material

Why We Like It

The love the price for this one and ability to coz up as a couple without fighting netting or running out of room for your feet. In the category of 2 person hammock choices, you can't beat this! 

Eno DoubleNest Lightweight Double Camping Hammock

Editor's Rating:

If you prefer to stick to premium hammocks, this two person hammock might be right up your alley. Eno is a common brand for camping utensils and this camping hammock will work well for two people easily. These hammocks come in a huge assortment of colors so you can use the type that is right for your mood or preference.

This companies hammock has a compression sack so you can minimize the weight of your gear when you are on an adventure. You will find this hammock offers comfort, durability, and stability for one to two people. It is large enough to comfortably be a two person hammock but it will cocoon enough to be comfy for just one as well.

The material is nylon fabric. It's high quality and breathable. This has a lower weight capacity than some options with 400 pounds listed as the weight rating for users. It's easy to secure with straps although the straps are sold in addition to the product, which means spending additional money for your setup.

Things We Liked

  • Lightweight and breathable fabric that won't just fall apart
  • A full array of colors for everyone to choose from
  • Easily attaches to your backpack with limited weight 
  • High quality hammock material and design
  • Hammock for two that will bring out the camper in you

Things We Didn't Like

  • Does not include ropes or straps so make sure you add those to your shopping list before you purchase
  • While this is slated for two customers, it could get a bit tight in both height and width

Why We Like It

Eno is a trusted brand name with quality construction that is often a winner. Choose your color and get some sleep in the backcountry without having to lug sleeping bags or tents around as part of your pack. It's durable and a reliable solution for your next family adventure. 

Covacure Camping 2 Person Hammock

Editor's Rating:

In terms of best two person hammock selections, double camping hammock has the highest weight capacity on our list today. It can hold up to 772 pounds This awesome hammock is also perfectly portable and even includes mosquito netting and a pocket.

This is not an expensive option but it still provides everything you need for a camping hammock and is one of the best hammock options we found across the board. We love that it comes with everything you need. It's a simple black nylon fabric that will stand up to the test.

You get tree straps, durability, and reliability with these hammocks. It's so easy to set up and you can always add a sleeping pad under the hammock sky. The net will help with some weather conditions but keep in mind this is not hammock tents so it will not keep out the rain.

Things We Liked

  • Camping hammock that has everything you need
  • Comfortably camping hammock with supreme weight allowance of 772 pounds
  • High quality materials that are durable (far more than cotton fabric)
  • Easy to use with no training course required for the job
  • Enjoy nature with a trusted choice that will meet your needs no questions asked

Things We Didn't Like

  • Backpacker beware that you may need to upgrade your straps or hanging contents for safety and reliability

Why We Like It

If you see the price, this could sounds too good to be true but without a doubt one of the best 2 person hammock choices on the market. It's got the best of many commissions compared to other brands and it won't cost a fortune, even if you update the straps and hooks to other recommendations. 

Patio Watcher Home Hammock Double Hammocks

Editor's Rating:

While we're here, we want to share a hammock that could be great for home use. It's not for your gear pouch but rather products that give you a little something in terms of lounge equipment. You won't need a tree trunk for this one! This isn't a camping sling so be aware of the categories.

It has a comfortable pillow and you won't need a mattress or sleeping pads with these links. This hammock has sizable dimensions that will work nicely as a 2 person hammock. It was designed for two person use and is great for a participant to just lay back and chill.

The stitching is sublime and you can attach this to a stand easily. The purpose is different than our other options but as a user, you choose your range of needs for a good surface and solve the problem from there.

Things We Liked

  • A hammock for different purposes
  • Sturdy wood spreader bar
  • Perfect for couples lounging or taking a nap
  • Available in 3 color options
  • Customer service is awesome and your satisfaction is guaranteed

Things We Didn't Like

  • Some users report that the material is slippery and may impact your ability to get in

Why We Like It

While this isn't designed for camping, you could pack it up in a car with the poles and take it if you wanted to. It offers another angle and opportunity for those who plan to use their double hammock for a different environment. The quality and reputation of this hammock are unmatched. 

Buyer's Guide

As you search for your new 2 person hammock, we thought it might be helpful to have a guide to help you through this process. This guide is designed to make sure you know just what things to consider before you settle on a 2 person hammock and make a purchase. 

Hammock Weight Limit

One thing you will want to consider is the weight limit. Many 2 person hammock choices are made for specifically 1-2 people and therefore some will be tighter than others. Make sure the weight limit will work for your needs so you don't get stuck in the middle of anywhere with hammocks that won't stand up to the pressure.

It's always a good idea to set up your hammocks and test them out before you get out in the elements of the world and run into issues that you never saw mentioned on various websites or resources before you purchased.

Hammock Accessories

You will find that there are benefits to purchasing a hammock that comes with all of the pieces you need from the seller. This means there will be no surprise when you start to use the hardware and there is no chance that you will be missing something and be unable to latch to the trunks on your trip.

If you are missing something, be sure to hit the store before you hit your camp sites so you can be at peace before you head out in the mountains.

Your Hammock Needs

One thing is for sure when you choose a 2 people hammock. Not everyone needs the same thing! So before you make a selection, keep in mind what you are specifically looking for rather than what other people are looking for. What are your intentions with your new 2 person hammock? Will the 2 of you be happy with your selection?

Some people need just an option that will allow 2 individuals to lounge in the sunlight. Others want the ultimate camping experience for 2, complete with mosquito netting and maybe even a tarp cover. Then, there are more who just want the cuddle effect in a 2 person hammock and want the ability to take it on the go as well.

There are hammock options here for ANY of these needs!

Hammock Material & Size

Finally, consider the materials as well as the size of the hammock. We didn't really mention the various dimensions in our reviews because they can often be adjusted by the user and the way you connect your hammock to the trees. Many of the portable hammock selections are made with nylon material while others might have a polyester or even cotton fabric.

Pay attention to these things. If you're going to be sleeping in the heat, you will want a breathable material and the fabrics really do matter in terms of both insulation and breathability. In any case, make sure you check out the length from end to end and pay attention to that material explanation as its not always just intended for beauty or support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Set Up a Double Hammock?

You will find that the process is nearly exactly the same as setting up a single hammock. For a double, you specifically will want to hang your hammock fairly loosely to avoid extended pressure on your suspension and anchorage. The ridgeline length measurement should be around 9 feet.

Different hammocks do hang differently and your straps and attachments could impact how you set it up so be sure to follow any tips and instructions provided particularly for your hammock as you are working through the hanging process.

How Much Weight Can a Double Hammock Hold?

You will find that this number varies across the board. Most 2 people hammock options will have a minimum limit of at least 400 pounds. Some offer limits that extend clear to 1,000 pounds. Keep in mind how much weight you want your 2 person hammock to hold as you make your selection so you know it will be suitable for your needs.

We certainly wouldn't recommend an option that is less than 400 lbs. for the weight limit for double use as it could make a difference in stability and comfort overall.

Are Double Hammocks Comfortable?

If you like to be comfy and cozy or sleep on your side, then absolutely! If you want space to spread out on the hammock, this just probably isn't going to happen. The hammock is not your typical mattress or bed. It will be cozy for sure but they are also designed to be comfortable and mold to your shape.

While they might seem like a tight squeeze, you might just be surprised at how comfortable these devices are and how great of sleep you will get!

What are the Most Comfortable Hammocks?

The best hammock for comfort is one that will give you some space to move but also acts like a sling around you. These hammock types are the most flexible for you to move around as you want. A hammock with breathable and soft material can also make a difference!

Ultimately, what is the most comfortable will really depend on your own preferences, so keep that in mind as you pick out a hammock!

Expert Tip

Hanging your hammock to the appropriate height and tension can make a significant difference on your comfort. You will want it to ultimately sit about chair height so that you can easily get in and out of the hammock without having issues or toppling over!

Did You Know?

There is research that indicates that you might get awesome sleep in a hammock because of the rocking motion. You could potentially fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly, despite noises and distractions around you! The natural form of some hammocks to your body is also incredibly helpful for back problems and pressure relief.