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There’s no better way to totally unplug than to sit by a crackling fire on a warm, summer night, and gaze up at the stars with your family. Spend the following day doing whatever you want—hiking, fishing, swimming, taking in some sights, or just plain relaxing. Family Camping is one of the best ways to accomplish all of this.

Today’s camping products make the term “roughing it” a relative term. Family camping tents are designed with more interior room and have built-in storage for comfort when living in close quarters. Campers of today can enjoy the great outdoors while sleeping in relative restfulness and luxury.

Semoo 5-person Dome Tent


  • Has a large mesh roof vent
  • Sets up quickly and easily
  • Spacious and very comfortable


  • Tent sets up quickly
  • Keeps you dry from rain and snow
  • Adjustable air flow
Semoo 4-person Family Dome Tent


  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Features gear loft with lantern hook
  • Excellent cross-ventilation

It’s worthwhile to make an investment in camping equipment because you can get away for a fraction of the cost of cruises and packaged vacations.

Other Products We Reviewed

  • Sets up in one minute
  • Comes with the handy room divider
  • Has built-in storage pockets
  • Has color-coded poles
  • Contains built-in closet
  • Patented hinged door offers easy in and out access
  • With removable rainfly
  • Spacious interior
  • Accessory pockets

Dome Tents vs. Cabin Tents

The whole point of camping is to be able to enjoy the outdoors. After a tiring day of camping or hiking, it feels great to plop down on some comfortable bedding and get some rest. Many of the tents maximize space by including storage pockets attached to walls or gear lofts for storing items high and dry. If the weather becomes threatening, you’ll want to know that you can rest in a space that keeps you warm and dry.

One of the best things about dome tents is that the sloping design makes them easy to set up quickly. That’s an important consideration that allows you to spend as much time as possible enjoying your camping retreat. The sloping walls resist wind and weather-related issues better than cabin tents, so they make a viable choice for camping in inclement or variable weather conditions.

Cabin tents offer more vertical room on the sides, which is better for tall campers and they offer more overall ground space. Larger tents will also have room dividers, which is great for storing camping supplies or separating sleeping and dressing spaces. They don’t hold up to wind and weather as well as dome tents, but using a good rain fly cover can help.

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Our Favorite Large Camping Tents of 2019


Sleep up to 8 people in this large dome tent that sets up quickly. The canvas is made of an exclusive Weathertec System that is guaranteed to keep you dry from rain and snow.

It has a Cool-Air port and Vairflo venting system that lets you adjust air flow. Keep it open of install room dividers to separate the space into 3 rooms.


This is a great tent for up to 5 campers. It has a large mesh roof vent and mesh windows for superior, adjustable ventilation. It has a large half-moon shaped door, so that you can get in and out easily.

It comes with a hooped, polyester fly frame to add protection from the rain. This large dome tent sets up quickly and easily.


This family-sized dome tent comfortably hosts a family of four. It’s lightweight to transport and sets up in a snap. The large, D-style doors and windows allow for about 50% air ventilation.

They are adjustable to easily let air in or keep the cold out. It comes with a hooped, rain fly that keeps you dry on rainy nights.


Imagine a 9-person tent that sets up in one minute. This tent does the job. It fits two queen air mattresses and has a center height of 78”. Close off some of the space with the handy room divider.

Keep your gear high and dry with the built-in storage pockets. It even has a small access port for an electrical cord.


Set up this large cabin tent in less than half the time of other cabin tents using the color-coded poles, hub, fast fit feet, and snag-free Insta-Clip suspension.

It even has a built-in closet with shelves and a hanger bar so you can keep a large family organized in a small space. The Weathertec System keeps you up to 75% dryer than other canvas coverings.


This tent by Wenzel is made of weather-repellent polyester with a polyurethane coating and has power corners for strong stability. It sleeps 8 people comfortably.

Use the attached screen room for dining indoors or lounging in the open air without worrying about pesky insects, or close it off to use it as an extra sleeping space. Open up the roof for full-screen mesh ventilation.

The tents for 2019 really maximize the potential for ventilation. They are big enough to house a family in style. Most of them can be set up in no time. There couldn’t be an easier way to enjoy a family vacation than to get back to nature at a family  campground.

Reading Time: 6 minutes