The 6 Best Outdoor Party Tents (2018 Reviews)

Updated July 12th, 2018:

We have recently reviewed our selections and determined that the Kinbor Canopy is the best selection for your outdoor party. It has great reviews and comes in a plethora of sizes for your event. We highly recommend that you look at this party tent for your event. The Palm Springs Canopy is still a solid selection and worth a review as well. It comes in multiple sizes including 10 x 10, 10 x 20, and 10 x 30.

Outdoor weddings and other events can be memorable and beautiful when the weather cooperates. When it’s too hot, or too cold, or too wet, guests feel uncomfortable and want to leave early. Outdoor party tents are large enough to host a party. You can even install heaters and fans to keep temperatures at a reasonable level. The tents have pretty windows and you can easily decorate the inside with twinkle lights, garlands, and chandeliers.

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Outdoor Party Tent vs. Banquet Hall

When you plan a party or other event, the budget can take on a life of its own if you’re not careful. When scheduling an appointment with a banquet hall manager, you’re likely to find out that you’ll need to pay deposits. You may also need to buy a package of services including caterers, servers, and clean up staff. It’s also possible that none of that will matter if the banquet hall already has your date booked.

An outdoor tent is also an investment, but you can use it repeatedly, so this makes it a good value. You can set the outdoor party tent up in your own yard, a friend’s yard, or even in a park. You have the flexibility to hire your own disc jockey, caterers, and servers. An outdoor party tent helps you extend the outdoors while keeping your guests dry and comfortable. Outdoor party tents come in small sizes which are great for outdoor parties where a few of the guests cannot tolerate sun. They also come in 10’ x 20’ and 10’ x 30’ sizes for larger gatherings. You can even add a dance floor inside the party tent. When the sun goes down, light up the tent and bring the part indoors while you are still in the outdoor space.

Our Favorite Outdoor Party Tents In 2018

Giantex Gazebo Canopy Outdoor Party TentRead Product Reviews

This is a durable outdoor party tent that is water proof. It’s made of polyethylene. It sets up fast and easily. It has four walls on each side and the dimensions are 10’ x 30’. The posts are coated with white powder to prevent rust and corrosion. It’s great for commercial use, as well as personal use.

Palm Springs 10’ x 20’ White Party Tent Gazebo CanopyRead Product Reviews

This is a perfect size outdoor party tent for a small dinner party or small family gathering of about 30 people. It is a crisp white color and has 4 attachable sidewalls with windows and 2 solid end walls. It’s made of polyethylene and has UV protection to block about 90% of the rays from the sun.

BenefitUSA Outdoor Party TentRead Product Reviews

This is a nice, big outdoor party tent that is 10’ x 20’. Assemble this tent quickly and without tools.  It has 6 sidewalls and 4 of them have windows. The walls attach easily with Velcro straps. For a little extra stability stake it down on the sides and corners. This tents protects up to 95% from the sun.

Zeny Outdoor Party TentRead Product Reviews

This is a perfect sized-tent for a small outdoor party. They polyethylene tent is only 10’ x 10’ which is a prefect size if a few of your guests need some shelter from the sun or heat. It has a door wall that zips closed. It comes with 2 walls with windows, carry bag, and sandbag.

Clevr Outdoor Party TentRead Product Reviews

If you are hosting the big crowd, get the big tent. This outdoor party canopy is 10’ x 30’ and is perfect for weddings, graduation parties, and flea markets. It’s made with a durable, waterproof polyethylene material. It comes with attachable and all hardware to put it up and take it down quickly.

Merax Outdoor Party TentRead Product Reviews

This outdoor party tent is 10’ x 30’ for the larger-sized parties. It comes with 6 detachable side walls that have windows and 2 solid end walls without windows. Assemble it quickly with no tools. The durable, water-resistant canopy protects from 90% of the sun’s rays. Add all of the side walls or leave one side open for ventilation.

Party planning is a lot of work and it can also be a lot of expense. The cost of owning an outdoor party tent is far less than booking a date at a rental hall. Get the size tent that you need and depending up the weather, you can decide on the day of the party if you want to attach all of the walls or leave the party tent partially open. These tents are not complicated to put up and they go up quickly, so you have more time to get everything ready for your special party.