4 Best Dome Tents For Camping Reviews [2020] Is NTK #1?

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The principle behind the dome tent is that the poles push against one another as they cross, forming a rigid and stable structure. The design doesn’t hold up to the wind as well, but adding poles and stakes will make it stronger. Basic dome tent designs have been enhanced with features like double domes, screen porches, and awnings, but if you want a great one for your money check out our #1 recommendation, what we consider the overall best dome tent.

The selection of available sizes is plentiful. Some dome tents are designed for the one-person backpacker, others for couples, and there are larger sized dome tents that sleep from 4-10 people or more.

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Dome Tents vs. Cabin Tents

There are a lot of things to love about dome tents, especially when you get the best one for your needs. Dome tents are popular because they are so easy to set up. In fact, some tents pop open on their own. Many of the dome tents come with shock-corded poles, which means they are attached to each other with cords on the inside. This makes setting the tent up very quick. The crisscrossed poles create the shape of the tent and give it strength. Some large dome tent styles come with interior walls so you can section off sleeping areas. The doors can be either inverted U-shaped, T-shaped, or D-shaped. The inverted U-shape door puts the most pressure on the zipper, so that style is better for adults.

Cabin tents also come in many different sizes for one or two people or as many as twelve or more. They hold up stronger to the wind than dome tents. The center height is often much higher than with dome tents.

Alternatives to dome tents are instant pop up tents, which have similar characteristics in portability and ease of setting up. To contrast these 2, check out this article for more heavy duty options, which are better for rain, snow, and the cold of winter making them great for camping during all 4 seasons.

Our Favorite Dome Tents For Camping

1. Coleman Sundome Tent

Our favorite dome tent by far from one of the most established outdoor brands. This dome tent is large enough for six people. Dimensions are 10’ x 10’ x 6’, so it’s great for families with tall people.

It fits two queen-sized air mattresses. It is made with the WeatherTec System that keeps the rain out. The Insta-Clip poles make it easy to set up and take down this tent in about 10 minutes.

Coleman Sundome TentColeman Sundome Tent

POCO DIVO 2-person Dome Backpacking TentPOCO DIVO 2-person Dome Backpacking Tent

This dome tent is a great choice if you are looking for a lightweight dome tent for two people to take on a backpacking trip. It works great in warmer and cooler weather and it’s resistant to rain and wind.

It has a mesh roof and T-shaped door to allow for ventilation. It has a mini-rain fly over the mesh roof opening to keep rain out. Dimensions ar 78” x 55” x 39” and it comes with a zipper carry bag, pole bag, and stakes.

This pentadome tent is perfect for 3 people and is extra-roomy for 2 people. It has a footprint of 8.5’ x 8’ and is 4’ high. The shock-corded fiberglass poles make the task of setting up and taking down quick and easy.

 It has 2 mesh windows and a D-style front door for ventilation. It also has a separate mud drainage strip for shoes to help keep the inside of the tent clean.

Wenzel Alpint 3-person TentWenzel Alpint 3-person Tent

NTK Panda 3-person Sport Camping Dome TentNTK Panda 3-person Sport Camping Dome Tent

This tent has an anti-fungus polyethylene floor and has a flame retardant coating that is rated CPAI-84. It has a ventilated rooftop with mesh screen for airy ventilation. It’s a two-season tent that is great for warmer weather or to use indoors.

The dome design makes it a snap to set up and take down.

It pays to do a little research and comparison shopping when looking for a dome tent. Some of them are very lightweight and are great for warmer weather or indoor use. Those models are quite inexpensive. If you are looking for a backpacking tent, you’ll want something a little more rugged and water-resistant. Campers who plan to set up camp for a few days or more should look for something a bit larger and one that will protect them from the sun, rain, and wind.

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