6 Best Truck Bed Tent Reviews 2020 | Is Napier Backroadz the Top Pick?

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Sometimes when you want to go on a trip, you just want to go. You don’t want to worry about finding a hotel with a vacant room, or trying to time your trip so that you get to the motel where your reservation is by a certain time. The best truck bed tent gives you the freedom to drive until you’re ready to stop. You won’t need to look for a campground or some other place to stay. Pull your truck over wherever you see a safe spot, attach the tent to the bed of your pick-up truck and sleep as long as you need to. When you’re ready to start driving again, take it down and get back on the road. 

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Truck Bed Tent Camping vs. Travel Trailer Camping

Camping in a travel trailer is great for family camping or anyone who is going to park the travel trailer from a few weeks to a few months. When pulling a travel trailer, you’ll need to travel a bit slower to pull the weight behind you. It takes some skill to get the lights working just right and you’ll need to be extra cautious when pulling into gas stations and backing the travel trailer into a camp site.

When you take your truck and your truck bed tent along for a trip, you can go as fast as the speed limit allows you to go. You can stop and take a rest whenever you are tired and you can stay for as long or little as you wish. This means that you spend less time on traveling and get to your destination quicker. Perhaps the best benefit is that the truck bed tent is substantially cheaper than any trailer you pull behind your vehicle.

The downside to truck bed camping is that you will need to find a restroom and you have less space. However, the cohesiveness of the units and convenience makes up for it, as they are so easy to set up and you can still go off-roading.

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Our Favorite Truck Bed Tents

1. Napier Backroads Truck Tent

This truck tent has a sewn-in floor that is exclusive to Napier. The interior is big, with 5.5” of vertical height. It comes with a full rain fly to protect against rain, hail, and snow. It has a storm flap in the door to protect your privacy. Set it up easily with 4 shock-corded fiberglass poles.

2. Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tent

This truck bed tent is floorless which makes means that you don’t have to move gear or bedding to set up the tent. The poles are color-coded for a quick and easy set-up. It has protective heavy duty straps and nylon buckles that won’t damage the finish on the truck. It has a sky view for more light and ventilation while still letting you do a little star-gazing.

3. Guide Gear Truck Tent

This truck bed tent is light and easy to set up. It has a large, D-shaped door and mesh windows for ventilation. It also has a sewn-in floor and it fits most trucks. It stores away in its own carrying bag. Get the optional rain fly for extra protection against wind and rain.

4. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

Kodiak Canvas makes this durable, watertight truck bed tent that is also breathable. It has a tunnel-shape design that gives you 5’ of vertical interior space. It fits the Ford F Series, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra and the Nissan Titan. It even has 5 windows for excellent ventilation, including an access window for the cab.

5. Napier Outdoors Sportz 2-person Avalanche Truck Tent III

This is a truck bed tent for two with over 5.5’ of vertical headroom space. It has a sewn-in floor and has 2 interior pockets and a gear loft. It has a large entrance door, as well as a rear access door that lets you enter through the truck’s cab. It has color-coded shock corded fiber glass poles for quick and easy set-up.

6. SportZ Truck Bed Tent

This truck bed tent installs quickly and without guide ropes. It sleeps two people and has 5.6’ of head room. It has a sewn-in floor and a rear access panel so you can easily access the truck’s cab from inside the tent. It has a large entrance door and 2 mesh windows for greater ventilation. The rear awning attaches to the tailgate.

Truck bed tents are great for long trips where you are making stops long enough to get some rest so you can continue traveling. They can be quickly set up and taken down with minimal effort. Most of the brands have a rear access panel that lets you get into the cab without going outside. There’s nothing to slow you down when you travel with a truck bed tent.

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