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It is common for most people to overlook the technical parts of the equipment. However, when customers do this they are missing out on potential ways to enhance their skiing. Our team believes that with the Nordica Navigator 85, skiers will encounter an exhilarating and worthwhile ski trip.

Skiing is a sport that is loved by many people. This is a sport that allows you to go with  your friends or family on a memorable ski adventure. As you advance levels, starting with best skis for beginners, you want to change your equipment to best all mountain skis. Our team believes that with the right equipment people can maximize their skiing experience. 

For example, powdery snow lovers should go with one of the best powder skis for maximal enjoyment.

Nordica Navigator 85 In a Nutshell 

We believe that one of the best parts of skiing is carving. When you’re on top of that mountain and you see the amazing view, you want to be able to easily move down. The Nordica Navigator 85 provides the perfect design for an all-mountain ski. 

Our team recognizes the level of versatility for advanced skiers. They want to be able to make new moves and create their style. Lucky for you, these skis are the best fit to give you an approachable and easy swivel. 


Before you decide to purchase a ski make sure the features are exactly what you’re looking for. Nordica skis provide the best flexibility for you to let loose on your ski ride.
With its solid, wood core, they are durable in any season. If you want a ride or die type of skis, this is it!

 The outside will have a textured surface that can last through heavy snow. A special part is that titanal, aluminum alloy which will create easy responsiveness. 


To emphasize, our team wants you to get the best deal you can get. Often skiers have to spend so much money to adjust their equipment. We don’t want you to compromise your experience for an over-the-top amount. 

You no longer need to sacrifice quality, Nordica provides a great deal for you to budget around. You’ll even save more room for other ski equipment. 


When you are skiing down a steep mountain, the last thing you want is a bumpy ride. Commonly, skiers will continue to reuse equipment even when they’re experiencing mediocre difficulties. We don’t want you to have any problems with your skis. 

The Navigator 85 Skis are damp so you won’t be prone to aggressive vibrations. You can have a smooth ride and be worry free!






Have you ever felt that excitement, right before you are about to conquer a huge slope? It’s a time full of energy and anticipation. We don’t want all this excitement to go to waste. 

These skis are full of benefits. With its powerful design, you’re able to race down a mountain without getting stuck in bumpy snow. You can go through any snow and have a blast while doing so!

Easy Turns 

As skiers, we can get worried about making the right turns. Injuries are hard to recover from and are the last thing we want to focus on. This product is an example of a reliable and durable skis. You won’t have to worry about falling over because of its sensitive turns. 

You are in control because of how the sidewalls are made just for fast skiers. You can easily maneuver back and forth. Gliding and turning swiftly, will not be a problem. 


It can be hard to move around with heavy skis. The materials of the 85s are specifically made to be as adjustable as possible. Since it has a flat, yet moveable surface you’ll be able to float over fallen snow. 

You won’t be weighed down if anything you’ll be fueled to move forward at a faster pace. You want to avoid the sensation on your feet, to prevent overly, sore legs.

Versatile and Especially Great on Groomers 

Off-trail terrains can be nerve-racking for first-timers. Especially, if you’re not with the right people you can get lost and be in danger. That why the groomers are so important for you to stay grounded. 

These skies can work well in any surrounding such as fresh snow or rocky terrains. It can overcome almost any weather conditions so you can perform at your best. How do they perform compared to Nordica Enforcer 93?

How Durable Is Nordica Navigator 85 

For any athlete, durability is a crucial part of their experience. If the equipment can’t get you through your practice it can stunt a skier’s growth. Our team understands how important this is and sees the high-quality material used to ensure improvement. 

You no longer need to fear hard routes, because you can place your trust in this ski. Even with a couple of bumps along the road, you’ll be soaring strong. 


You can practice all you want, but at the end, skiers want to deliver their best performance. You’ll find yourself raving about the building technologies for this product. With playful turns and fast breaks, you can immerse yourself in a new ski ride. 

Ski enthusiasts are on the look-out to claim the next new thing and Nordica will answer your problems. We believe that you won’t be disappointed and you’ll find yourself pushing to achieve higher ski levels. See how they perform compared to Rossignol Experience 100.

Float & Stability 

Notably, Nordica is seen as quite stable. The rocker and camber shape makes you always feel comfortable. When your feet are in place you can easily control the turns you need to make. You don’t want to feel shaky when you’re on a ski.

These skis are great because they don’t fall under pressure. We see how Nordica always rises to the occasion and helps you have a better experience every time. 


As expert skiers, we see how we want to integrate our styles. It can be difficult to do so under frail designs. This is a great product because it enables you to create your playfulness. 

The boards are receptive to the weight of your foot, so under any turn, you can sway back and forth. You can add your unique taste without compromising quality safety. 

Turn Initiation 

Certainly, the initial launch of skiers requires a lot of momentum. Nordica sees this and gives you a speedy initiation. With the approachable swivel, skiers can move with at a rapid pace. 

To demonstrate, skiers can seize moments of impressive speed without worrying about the ski’s credibility. 

Edge Hold 

The squared-off tail is to make sure you have the best safety. Particularly, for advanced skiers, you love to take big risks. Our team wants to provide a review so you won’t be unexpectedly wiped out. 

You don’t need to worry about making that daring move, you can fully go for it. Since this shape, assists all types of turns you can control the skies wherever you are. 

Ability Level 

Don’t worry about your ability level. Our team wants to give you an array of options that you can feel the most comfortable with. 

When you’re just starting your skiing experience it can be difficult to hit steep slopes.

The learning curve to improve depends on the amount of practice each person is getting. Additionally, it depends on whether or not a person is choosing the correct board for their level.

The Salomon X-Drive All Mountain Skis is a popular choice for beginners to intermediate skiers. Those who are interested in testing out the slopes can choose this for an easy ride. It’s less aggressive than most skis which helps you move faster, without the risk of straining yourself. 


To point out, the sidecut is at a 179 cm length. This means that you can maneuver the skis to your liking. It can be frustrating for advanced skiers to be held back from potential skill development. 

We want you to have no limits on the slopes. Nordica gives quality details that allow you to go all out on the mountain. 

Turn Radius 

In this case, the Nordica has a turn radius of 181 cm length. This enables you to have control over your movability. You can be the boss of your ski trip.

We want you to have a durable product without compensating for a quality experience. 

Furthermore, if you’re looking to switch things up a bit you can try out new equipment. Experts continually feel the gradual adrenaline of skiing.

The Rossignol Experience 100 Open All Mountain Ski integrates the power and precision that experts need to enjoy their ride longer.

I think for skiers who are looking to challenge themselves with high precision and exact grip should choose these skis! 

Overall Construction & Strengths 

The overall consensus is that the Nordica Navigator 85 has a triple-threat package. It is affordable, stable, and lightweight. You can’t get this just anywhere. You can budget for a pair of skis without breaking the bank. 

You can move to the beat of your drum, by creating unique styles in your turns. Our team believes this is suited for intermediate skiers who want to take on a challenge or experts who’s looking for a memorable ride.

Lastly, here is a notable model for comparison: Volkl Mantra M5. Take your pick and zoom down like a pro!

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