7 Best Snowboard Boots Reviews 2020 | Great Comfort, Fitment & Flex

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You’ve got your board settled and are almost ready to hit the mountain. There’s just 1 thing standing in your way… You need the best snowboard boots for your trip! Whether you’re looking for the best women’s snowboard boots or men’s snowboard boots, this article will help you find the best snowboard boots for your specific riding style and comfort preferences!

With a comprehensive buyer’s guide and reviews of the best quality and most comfortable snowboard boots to date, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. 

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DC Men's Phase Lace Up Snowboard BootsDC Men's Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots

  • Excellent adjustability for a completely custom fit.
  • An extremely affordable boot
  • Fabulous beginner’s boot

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ThirtyTwo 32 Exit '18 Snowboard Boots Men'sThirtyTwo 32 Exit '18 Snowboard Boots Men's

  • Great for beginners or casual riders
  • A quick-pull lacing system
  • Extremely affordable boots

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Burton Moto BOA Snowboard Boots Men’s

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Burton Moto BOA Snowboard Boots MensBurton Moto BOA Snowboard Boots Mens

  • Able to stay dry even in slushy, wet conditions
  • Ready for all-terrain use
  • Perfect for any skill level

Best Snowboard Boots Buying Guide

Before we introduce you to the 7 best snowboarding boots we found through testing, we thought you might want to take a look at the different features all the best snowboard boots have in common.

Best Snowboard Boots Features

The best snowboard boots should all fit snugly without causing any pain or blisters. They should have a lacing system that is easy for you to use and offers a precise fit without loosening too much. Many of them will also include custom footbeds so your feet get the optimal support while riding your best snowboard for the terrain chosen. These footbeds will prevent added strain due to foot problems with pronation or supination.

Of course, you want boots that can handle the snow and wetness. The last thing you want to do is strap some boots on your feet that will feel like bricks weighing you down as they take on tons of moisture and make your feet sopping wet. 

Snowboard Boot Fitment and Flex

The best snowboarding boots should fit pretty snugly and prevent your feet from moving and slipping, but they shouldn’t cause any pain. They should be pretty light when you first buy them because after a few days on the snow they’ll loosen into their true size.

If your fit is right, tour toes are going to graze gently against the toecap and you should have plenty of room to wiggle your toes inside your boots. You also need a good heel hold. Your heel should stay in place even when your knee drives forward so you can keep control of your board during toeside turns.

Make sure you know what socks you're going to wear because these also play into a boot's fit. A single thin to medium wool or synthetic sock is all you should need to wear. It's a very fine line to tread between a boot loose enough to give heel lift and tight enough to be uncomfortable, so you will need to play around to find that perfect fit.

Just like top-rated all mountain snowboards, the corresponding snowboarding boots come in a wide variety of flexibility from soft to stiff. This is often a personal preference, but it usually aligns with the style of snowboarding you tend to do most often. Remember to try on a few different types because the flex of a boot isn’t a standardized measurement, so the definition will vary from brand to brand.

Soft flex boots have comfortable materials that are resilient and easy on your feet when you spend long days in the mountains. Medium flex boots will balance stability with mobility. These supportive boots are the best all mountain snowboard boots. Stiff flex boots have the maximum amount of support, so they’re perfect for edge power and when you need some control over your board at high speeds or in tougher conditions. 

Best Snowboard Boots Reviews

Now that you know what features to look for and how they pertain to fit, you are ready for the reviews. Here are the 7 best snowboarding boots on the market today. We know you’ll love any one of these options.

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DC Men's Phase Lace Up Snowboard BootsDC Men's Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots

The DC Phase Men's Lace Up Snowboard Boots are fabulous for a full day of smashing down the mountain!

The DC Phase offers a traditional lacing system, so you can fully customize your fit with every pull. The laces are designed with overlays that have been strategically placed to provide leverage and power to seal the shell shit and secure your fit.

They have a multi-layer construction that utilizes EVA memory foam with thermal regulating fleece to ensure that your feet are extremely comfortable while still being supported and held in place. They are made from synthetic water-resistant leather with lightweight material and PU-coated mesh panels that will prevent any moisture from reaching the inside of your boots.

These boots have a special liner designed to eliminate any bacteria and fungus that could crate odors and deteriorate the boots. The J-bars were 3D molded to prevent heel lift and the support beams will keep your foot in a neutral and comfortable position. They even have a shock-absorbing system that performs in any temperature or climate. 

Things We Liked

  • Fabulous beginner’s boot for people who don’t want to wear stinky rental boots.
  • Excellent adjustability for a completely custom fit.
  • Boots become even more enjoyable as your skill with freestyle boarding over the mountain improves.
  • An extremely affordable boot that still manages to offer high-quality performance.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Poor traction – super soft flex may not grip as well in all conditions.

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ThirtyTwo 32 Exit '18 Snowboard Boots Men'sThirtyTwo 32 Exit '18 Snowboard Boots Men's

With an extremely affordable price despite a wealth of great features, it’s no wonder that the Thirty Two 32 Exit '18 Snowboard Boots have won the best value decision.

These boots come with a comfort fitted liner with dual density intuition foam that offers a soft flex with moderate support. It's lined with microfleece to ensure that your feet stay warm and comfortable. The comfort footbed is molded, so it will adjust to your fee. The outside is lightweight and cushioned from STI evolution foam.

These boots are broken in already, so you won’t have to spend a few days making them comfortable. They’re so comfortable that you’ll feel like you’re wearing your favorite pair of warm slippers. They may even be the most comfortable snowboard boots we’ve ever tried.

These are great boots for beginners, too. Not only are they comfortable with a soft flex, but they also have comfy tongues and integrated internal lacing. They offer an extremely powerful grip and even have a rip heel hold to prevent your heels from lifting. Best of all, they won't break the bank so beginners won't spend tons of money out of pocket that will go to waste if they end up not liking the sport at all. 

Things We Liked

  • Great for beginners or casual riders who don’t ride every day of the year.
  • Extremely affordable boots won’t break your budget!
  • A quick-pull lacing system will be easy to adjust with gloves on your hands.
  • Superior shock absorption thanks to Evolution foam outsole so you won’t feel those bumps!

Things We Didn't Like

  • Sizing tends to run small with these boots, so you may need to order a size larger.

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Perfect for any skill levelPerfect for any skill level

Burton is consistently one of the best manufacturers of snowboards, so we wanted to see if this expertise extended beyond just the boards. These Moto BOA Snowboard Boots did not disappoint us! Actually… Can we live in thee, please? They are ridiculously comfortable!!

The Burton Moto Boa boots were designed with Total Comfort construction. They use proprietary science to design the ultimate snowboarding boot with the perfect balance of comfort, support, and purpose. After nearly 20 years in the Burton lineup, these boots have had time to be perfectly refined into extremely legendary boots.

These soft flex boots are extremely playful and forgiving, whether you’re riding in the park or covering the backcountry.

They feel broken in right out of the box and offer 1:1 power up on the tongue, which makes sure every half and full-size liner gets a matching shell, tongue, and outsole so the fit is extremely precise. The integrated lacing liner system is lightweight and the footbed is heat moldable. 

Things We Liked

  • Able to stay dry even in slushy, wet conditions. Ready for all-terrain use.
  • Extremely high-quality materials and craftsmanship are second to none.
  • Very lightweight boot is the most comfortable boot available on the market.
  • Perfect for any skill level from beginner to experienced professional.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Less affordable than other snowboarding boots because of the superior workmanship and trusted Burton name.

The main weaknesses of this blanket are actually reasonable trade offs. It’s a small size because it is meat to be extremely light and small enough to fit into first aid kits and backpacker’s packs without taking up too much room or weight. The material’s thinness also contributes to the lighter weight. These are not meant to be wool blankets; they don’t operate based on thicker is warmer. They’re meant to retain your body heat in emergencies and they do that pretty well. 

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ThirtyTwo STW Boa Snowboard BootsThirtyTwo STW Boa Snowboard Boots

Another great boot in the Thirty Two lineup of snowboard boots is the Thirty Two STW Boa Snowboard Boot, which was made to be comfortable while offering great support.

A lot of people love these boots because they perform well and are super easy to use. The Level 1 Liner on this boot is heat-moldable for a perfect custom fit to match your foot's shape. The boots also offer heel hold and great foot support. The high-density EVA outside keeps the boots lightweight while offering strength and the molded tongue will keep your feet from getting wet.

These boots are perfect for all-mountain freestyle use and offer a soft to medium flex. They even come with a 1-year warranty in case something isn’t working well for you. 

Things We Liked

  • Extremely comfortable and very easy to get on and off for use.
  • Excellent heel hold with a reduced footprint and enough traction to keep you in control on any terrain.
  • Great entry-level boot for beginners to learn how to snowboard with and decent shock absorption.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Boots run extremely small and narrow, so you may need a full size up for the best fit.

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Classic Boa Snowboard BootsClassic Boa Snowboard Boots

Another company that is well known for high-quality snowboard gear is Head, and their Classic Boa Snowboard Boots are no exception to the rule.

These boots have pre-molded EVA construction liners that fit to your feet with thermofit technology out of the box and an FPG insole for added foot support. The cupped heel shape will prevent heel rise and support the back of your foot, and the curved arch will offer support to your instep.

There are breathable pads in the heel wrapping at your ankles to keep your ankles stable and protect your ankles from getting pressure point blisters. Laces can be operated using just 1 hand, even if you’re wearing gloves.

The boots have a decent amount of flex, so you’ve got some forgiveness if your technique isn’t perfect and they still offer dampening and stability in rough terrain. 

Things We Liked

  • Affordable boots – some of the cheapest boots on the market so you won’t break the bank!
  • Extremely easy to use and comfortable thanks to their Boa lacing and comfortable insole materials.
  • Extremely durable boots that will last you for several snow seasons!
  • NASA developed this fabric for survival so it works well enough for space.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Boots are sized a little large and wide, so you may need to go down half a size to get the right fit, or add some custom footbeds and inserts.

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Burton Moto Snowboard BootsBurton Moto Snowboard Boots

If you love the comfort and superior quality of Burton boots, but Boa lacing isn’t your thing, then check out the Burton Moto Snowboard Boots that don’t use the Boa lacing system.

These boots are nearly identical to the other Burton Moto boots on this list, but we loved them so much that we didn’t want anyone who dislikes the Boa lacing style to discount the boot as a result.

These boots use speed lacing instead, so you can still get the most comfortable, supportive all-mountain snowboard boot that is available on the market today. 

Things We Liked

  • Speed Zone lacing system with Burton’s exclusive New England Ropes that comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Reduces footprint size of the boot by whole shoe size, so you get a perfect fit with a smaller footprint that drastically reduces heel and toe drag and overhang in the snow!

Things We Didn't Like

  • Boots run a little small, so you may need to size up a bit when buying them.

Editor's Rating:


ThirtyTwo STW BOA Snowboard BootThirtyTwo STW BOA Snowboard Boot

Given the company’s incredible capacity for balancing affordable pricing with quality workmanship, it’s no wonder that Thirty Two makes the list yet again with their STW Boa Snowboard Boot.

These boots have a 3D molded tongue that makes lacing easy, with plenty of flex and fit. The Level 1 footbed conforms perfectly to your feet with a bit of heat. The top sheet uses EVA foam and Sherpa wool for warmth and comfort when worn. The internal foam is anatomical and overlays for optimal heel hold, so you won’t have to worry about rising.

The integrated lacing system offers a perfect fit at every size. The STI Evolution foam cushions and absorbs shock extremely well, reducing the overall weight of these boots and completely eliminating any need for heavy rubber outsoles. 

Things We Liked

  • Extremely comfortable and easy to take on and off of your feet.
  • Great traction with good shock absorption and great heel hold for grip in any condition.
  • Wider boots will feel great if your feet feel too tight in most boot fits.
  • Great entry-level boot for beginners that won't cost tons of money.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Less durable than other snowboarding boots, so you may need to buy new ones after a season or two.

Snowboard Boot Lacing

The boot lacing is an important factor in snowboard boots. Just like putting on your top-quality snowboard goggles, the boots need to be adjusted just the right way. Make them tightly laced while still feeling comfortable, and they shouldn’t have any pressure points that will cause blisters. Ankles and heels need to be secure and heel lifting should be minimized.

Most boots will come in either traditions, quick pull, or boa lacing. Some boots may be a hybrid of two of these designs. Each of these systems is fast and secure and none of these is better than the other. The system is entirely a matter of preference and budget. 


Traditional laces are tried, true, and foolproof laces that work like any pair of shoes. They’re great because you can hand customize the tightness of your boot fit, they’re cheap, and replacements are all over the place. They can be difficult to tie without taking your gloves off, though, and they are vulnerable to loosening as you wear them.

Speed Laces or Quick Pull

These laces work a bit like a corset. They use a single pull that lets you fine-tune the tightness independently from the ankle or the lower leg. They're super fast and convenient, you can tighten your laces with gloves on, and the pulls tuck away easily.

Unfortunately, these are harder to get as snug as you want them, they can occasionally create pressure points around the eyelets, and if your lace breaks or wears out on the hill it may be impossible to find a replacement if you weren’t prepared. 

Boa Lacing

Boa lacing involves small cables (usually stainless steel) that attach to some knurled wheels ad dials. These dials adjust how snug your fit is. This allows for extremely precise fitting near your foot and lower leg.

These are quick and convenient and can be done with only 1 hand. They're easy to modify during activity and can be adjusted while wearing gloves. They also excel at shedding grit and slop you may accumulate on a ride.

The wheel applies uniformed snugness, so you can’t independently customize the fit of your upper and lower foot region. This system is more expensive. It’s also going to be impossible to replace quickly if a strand breaks, so it could end your day before you finish riding. 

Snowboard Boot Liners

Boot liners aren't what you typically think of when you hear liner. This refers to the entire inner boot of a snowboard boot. Liners are usually made with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). This is a polymer that can be molded but is extremely lightweight, and most people know it as foam rubber. Just like with running shoes, EVA will cushion, stabilize, and insulate your feet in a snowboard boot.

Some boots have removable liners. These can be pulled out of a boot after a long day on the mountain so they will dry quickly and air out better than their non-removable counterparts. Non-moldable (stock) liners are less pliable. These have generic padding and stability, and over time your body weight will offer such a sustained pressure that the liner’s going to conform to the shape of your foot.

Thermoformable liners will use the heat from your foot to mold into a custom fit. They take a day or two on the mountain to break in and fully form. Custom moldable liners will use an external heat source to create a fit custom to your foot. You can mold them at home, but it’s best to get them professionally done. 

Boot Footbeds

If you want to further improve your comfort and take care of your feet, you can use orthopedic footbeds in the boot and insoles. Choosing the right footbed for your foot shape and boot requires a professional boot fitter.

The right footbed will distribute the pressure of your body weight evenly across your entire foot and speed your response time. They will prevent arch fatigue and pain in the balls of your feet.

If you have stability problems like rolling feet and collapsing arches, you should invest in a footbed to stabilize your feet while you ride, so you don’t end up with supinated or pronated foot problems. 

Binding Footbeds

If you want even more customization, you can consider a canted footbed for your snowboard binding. These footbeds tilt your feet and knees inwards so they’re closer to the center of your snowboard. This will relieve some of the pressure on your knees and give your entire board extra power.

These allow you to have a wider stance than your knee strength would otherwise allow for. This will aid your control over the snowboard when you’re riding through rough terrain or doing tricks in the park. 

Men’s Versus Women’s Snowboard Boots

Although there are a lot of unisex boots available, and women often enjoy wearing men’s boots, there is an advantage to buying special boots. Women’s snowboarding boots have been designed to address the specific needs that a woman’s anatomy has that aren’t as present in men. For example, many of these boots have more narrowed heels. They also tend to be soft and medium in flex feel.

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