Best Down Sleeping Bag For The Money (2018 Reviews)

Down is a popular material for stuffing winter coats, bed pillows, comforters, and sleeping bags. Down is a layer of fine feathers that lies just under the tougher, exterior feathers of birds. It is also the fluffy layer of feathers on younger birds. Down makes an excellent thermal insulator and is very soft to snuggle up with. Because natural down comes from birds, it is more expensive than products made with synthetic materials. If you shop around, it’s possible to find quality products that are filled with down that are also affordable.

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Down Sleeping Bags vs. Synthetic Sleeping Bags

The difference between having a positive or negative outdoor adventure can come down to whether you take the right gear along on your camping or backpacking trip. It’s a great idea to do a little research regarding the items that will make you the most comfortable. It’s a lot easier to overlook certain inconveniences, but regardless of what kind of trip you take, you’ll want to make your sleeping system your first priority. It’s much easier to enjoy daytime outdoors when are well rested.

There’s a place for synthetic and down fillers when choosing outdoor sleeping items. Down has a better warmth-to-weight ratio, so it will usually be lighter than synthetics. Strong warmth ratings and the compact-ability qualities make down sleeping bags a great choice for camping and backpacking.

Down has a higher loft capability, so it compresses down more compactly than synthetic material, which makes it a better choice for backpackers.

One of the negatives of down is that its dampness causes it to lose some of its insulating properties. If you think you’ll be camping in wet conditions, synthetic sleeping bags may be a better choice. Both synthetic and down sleeping bags come in rectangle and mummy-styles. Down sleeping bags are more expensive than synthetic sleeping bags, but depending upon how you intend to use them, they may be worth the extra cost.

Our Favorite Down Sleeping Bag Reviews In 2018

Kelty Cosmic Down Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

Price: $124.95-$219.95 at

Kelty makes this polyester taffeta down sleeping bag with a natural-fit footbox. It also has a 60” dual-slider locking zipper with draft tube and anti-snag design. It has drawcords to pull the hood tightly around you. The down compresses tightly and stores away In the handy stuff sack. Stay warm when the temperatures dip down to 20 degrees.

Outdoor Vitals Backpacking Mummy Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

Price: $97.98 at

Use this down sleeping bed three seasons of the year. It can get down to 15 degrees and you’ll still feel warm. It packs down tightly, but puffs up nicely when you want to use it. The blue one has a right-hand zipper and the red one has a left-hand zipper. Take one of each and zip them together to make a double sleeping bag and increase the interior heat by 25%. It comes with reinforced zippers, zipper guards, a compression sack, hanging hooks, and an interior pocket.

Outdoor Vitals Summit Down Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

Price: $139.98 at

Outdoor Vitals makes this 800 down-filled sleeping bag with a rip-stop polyester outer-shell covering. It has a great loft that will keep you warm down to 20 degrees. It only weighs 2 pounds, 8 ounces. It compresses down to 8.5” x 7.5” x 7.5” to stuff into the carry sack. If you are not satisfied, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Aektive Outdoors Down Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

Price: $97.41 at

Aektive makes this sleeping bag that is filled with natural goose-down. It’s ultra-lightweight and works great for three seasons of the year. Stay warm in this sleeping bag when the temperatures dip down to 15 degrees. It comes with a compression sack for storage and has hanging hooks to dry it. Store your cell phone or wallet in the interior pocket. It also has a little built-in space for your feet.

Sierra Designs Zissou DriDown Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

Price: $148.41-$259.05 at

This is a lightweight, 2-season sleeping bag that is filled with a 700 fill-power Dri-Down insulation. It stays drier, lofts higher, and dries faster. The regular size fits a person up to 6’ tall and the long version sleeps someone up to 6’6” tall. You will stay warm when the temperature drops to 34 degrees.

If you will be camping or backpacking in the colder temperatures, not just any down sleeping bag will do. You’ll want to check to make sure that it’s made with natural down and that it will keep you warm in whatever temperatures you expect. You’ll also want a drawstring hood that you can tie around your face. Also, look for an outer shell that is water-resistant.