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It’s summertime and that means enjoying outdoor events. Whether you’re hitting the beach, hosting a BBQ, or attending a sporting event, it’s important to have the proper setup for your group.

Outdoor canopies are perfect for protecting you from the sun and giving you a relative location to get out of the elements and just relax. These canopies have been used for years for things like weddings, festivals, camping, craft/art shows, BBQs, and more. You name it, if it’s outdoors, a canopy can cover it!

In this guide, we are going to take a closer look at 5 canopies from the company ABCCanopy. We will provide detailed reviews of their canopies so you can get a feel for what they have to offer and the quality of their pop-up tents overall.

Stick with us to see ABCCanopy Pop-Up Tents Reviewed. 

Top 5 ABCCanopy Pop-Up Tents

We’ve chosen 5 ABCCanopy pop-up tents to share with you. These range in value, size, style, and more. As we progress through the guide, we will review each tent selected individually, with a detailed product review. 

We will also share with you just what we like or don’t like about each tent. Finally, we will share a list of the pros and cons so you know just what you’re looking at! 

Let’s get started, shall we?

ABCCanopy Pop-Up Canopy Tent Commercial Instant Shelter

Editor's Rating:

This first tent is designed for commercial events and uses where you might be setting up displays or something underneath. It is open on all sides with a top cover that is peaked. The tent comes with 4 sandbags to weight it down when you set it up as well. 

This tent also comes with a bag that has wheels on it. This makes it easy to transport. This canopy comes in multiple size options. It also comes in multiple color options so you can order it to your company’s colors or preferences. The 10x10 canopy option can cover 4 tables or 10 people at one time! 

You won’t have to purchase any other accessories. You get the wheeled bag, sandbags, and stakes and ropes. You might need a mallet for your stakes. It is sturdy and durable. It can be used for any type of occasion. It even has UV blocker and UPF 50+. It is 100% waterproof. 


Weight: 52.9 pounds
Sizes: 8x8, 8x12, 8x16, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20
Cover Material: Durable PU (UV blocker, UPF 50+, 100% waterproof)
Legs Material: 100% Heavy Duty Steel

Things We Liked

  • 100% waterproof
  • UV blocking and UPF protection
  • Multiple colors and sizes available
  • Comes with sandbags, stakes/ropes, and a bag
  • One-year protection plan

Things We Didn't Like

  • The transport bag isn’t the best quality and could fall apart easily
  • This is very long when packed up so be sure to check measurements to ensure it will fit in your vehicle!

Why We Like It

We like this option because it’s tough and durable and pretty much comes with everything you need. You can choose your size and color and overall it’s a really great buy!

ABCCanopy 10x10 Canopy Tent for Weddings

Editor's Rating:

If you’re looking for the ultimate canopy for events that has some extra grace and detail, this is the perfect option. This would make a great choice for elegant events like weddings. It has 3 covered sides that have beautiful window-like cutouts. These are no plain windows, either! 

This one is a bit more expensive but it has walls and the added elegance you might be looking for. It’s available in a few different colors as well. This tent measures 10x10. This provides a total of 100 square feet of coverage. 

This canopy is super easy to set up. It pretty much just pops right up! It’s fully assembled so you just pop it up. There are no tools required and one person could handle it. The frame is durable and sturdy as well. This can withstand wind and rain. It is UPF 50+ and has heat-sealed seams to keep a steady closure. It is also 100% waterproof. The side walls are removable.


Weight: 68.3 pounds
Sizes: 8x8, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20
Cover Material: 500D UPF50+ Fabric
Legs Material: Best Quality Steel Frame

Things We Liked

  • Removable side walls
  • Elegant design
  • Great for weddings and dressy events
  • Available in multiple color choices
  • Comes with a heavy-duty roller bag

Things We Didn't Like

  • Quality control isn’t perfect and some buyers have received walls with upside-down windows
  • This is pretty long when folded so be sure it will fit in the vehicle you plan to transport it in!

Why We Like It

This canopy is the perfect choice if you need something that’s a bit more fancy than your traditional overhead canopy. It’s sleek and stylish and yet provides the ideal shelter at the same time!

ABCCanopy 10x10 Pop-Up Commercial Canopy Tent w/ Walls

Editor's Rating:

If you liked the first commercial tent we shared, this one is much like that but this one also has walls! So you get the traditional canopy tent as well as removable walls for comfort and versatility. Much like the other, this tent is available in multiple sizes and colors. 

This tent is very easy to set up. You can do it with 1 or 2 people. The frame is assembled so you just attach the canopy cover and then pop the tent up and set your height. This comes with the ropes and stakes as well as the sandbags that you need to secure it and avoid it possibly blowing over. 

Much like the other options, this canopy pop up tent is made with 500 Denier polyester canopy that has a silver PU lining. The canopy is UPF 50+ and reverts 99.98% of UV. The seams are heat-sealed, which makes the 100% waterproof claim far more reliable. It also comes with a roller bag for transport. 


Weight: 67.4 pounds
Sizes: 8x8, 8x12, 8x16, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20
Cover Material: CPAI-84 Fire Retardant Certificated Fabric
Legs Material: Best Quality Steel

Things We Liked

  • Commercial tent with walls
  • Sturdy and durable materials
  • 100% waterproof
  • UV protection
  • Easy to set up with all tools included

Things We Didn't Like

  • This one needs 2-3 people to set up easily
  • The wind can be pretty hard on the materials, despite stakes and sandbags

Why We Like It

This makes a great commercial tent that has walls. It might not hold up well in the wind overall but if you’re setting up at events, it can be a really great option for shelter and protection.

ABCCanopy Pop-Up Canopy Tent Commercial Instant Shelter 10x20

Editor's Rating:

This commercial pop-up tent canopy takes strategic coverage to a whole new level. This canopy measure 10x20 which can cover 8 tables or about 20 people spread out. All of this depends on the setup underneath the canopy. This canopy has open sides and the back section has additional legs for added support for the tent. 

This one is pretty pricy but remember, it’s nearly twice the length of the other options we’ve shared and the quality is pretty amazing overall. It’s defined as being easy to set up but you should plan on having 2-3 people to hand the size. 

This is made with heavy-duty fabric. It is sturdy and durable. This has UPF 50+ and is also 100% waterproof. It comes in multiple color choices as well. This also comes with the storage roller bag, which is heavy-duty. You will also receive your stakes and ropes as well as sandbags for each leg. 


Weight: 104.8 pounds
Sizes: 8x8, 8x12, 8x16, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20
Cover Material: Polyester
Legs Material: Steel Frame

Things We Liked

  • Easy to set up
  • All set up tools included
  • Multiple colors available
  • Easy to set up
  • Includes a heavy-duty roller bag

Things We Didn't Like

  • Very long and heavy, the bag will not fit into a standard vehicle most likely
  • The colors are different in shade than the descriptions suggest

Why We Like It

We love this canopy because it is large! Sometimes a 10x10 just isn’t enough. If you need big and sturdy, this is the choice for you!

5. ABCCanopy Pop-Up Commercial Canopy tent 10x20

ABCCanopy Pop-Up Commercial Canopy tent 10x20

Editor's Rating:

This tent is pretty much the cream of the crop. It’s got the extra-long length at 10x20 measurements. This one also has 3 full walls and an adjustable wall that can have 2 openings, a top opening, or even a fly screen. It has the ultimate versatility so you can set it up how you like. 

This tent also comes in various colors. The back wall has additional leg support for more sturdiness when it is set up. It’s pretty easy to set up but it is large so you will need to plan on 2-3 people. 

Just like with all of the other options, this comes with the ropes and stakes you need to hold it down as well as sandbags you can apply to each leg of the tent. The roller bag is heavy-duty but be aware that it is also very long so you will need to be sure you have a vehicle that can actually hold it. It most likely won’t fit into an average car. 


Weight: 69 pounds
Sizes: 10x10, 10x15, 10x20
Cover Material: 500D High-Strength Fabric with PU Lining
Legs Material: Durable Black-Powder-Coated Steel

Things We Liked

  • Extra-large tent size
  • Walls and windows/doors that are versatile
  • 100% waterproof
  • Multiple color choices
  • Includes heavy-duty rolling bag

Things We Didn't Like

  • The tent walls cannot be rolled up once attached
  • It seems that quality control could be improved for what’s being shipped out

Why We Like It

While it’s not perfect, this is a really great option for large needs as well as versatility. It’s nice to be able to set up that front side however you want it and to have the fly netting as well.

Buyer's Guide

When it comes to buying a commercial canopy pop-up tent, you want to be sure you know just what you should be looking for. We’ve shared 5 options here. They are all from the same company but you will notice they are all unique as well. 

We’ve put together a quick guide to try to help you as you make a decision for a canopy pop-up tent.


Size just might be one of the most important characteristics to keep in mind. You want something that will work for your needs. The most common size is 10x10 but you can get smaller or larger on some models as well. 

Consider what you’re using the canopy for and how much coverage you will need or how much space will be available to you when you put it to use! 

Walls or No Walls?

Next, consider whether you want walls or whether you can do without the walls. The models with walls do cost a bit more because additional material is required and they have more functionality as well. 

Most of the time walls are removable so you can choose how many walls you want up and when. If you’re looking for versatility and added security, walls are a good idea. 

If you don’t think you will need walls for your uses, then there’s really no need for the extra expenditure. Of course, it’s totally up to your needs and preferences. 


Finally, consider what your needs are. Do you need something more formal and elegant? Do you need something that you can manipulate the overall structure? Do you need fly nettings? Take all of these into consideration. 

ABCCanopy does have an elegant option that has decorative window cutouts in them. 

From here, you will also want to consider the color you prefer. Is standard white sufficient or do you want a pop of color?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pop Up Canopy Tents Easy to Set Up?

It can vary but these ones are designed to be easy to set up! The small ones require 1-2 people but the larger ones may require 2-3 people. They mostly just attach and pop up and then will need to be set. 

Are Pop Up Canopies Waterproof?

We encourage you to thoroughly check out the details and descriptions to know for sure. The best ones will be waterproof but there is no guarantee across the board. 


When it comes to choosing a Canopy Pop-up tent, there is really no one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone has their different needs and requirements. We’ve shared a variety of options here so be sure to take a close look and figure out which you need for your uses.

Expert Tip

Always take note of the transport bag measurements and know for sure that the packed up canopy will fit in your vehicle.

Did You Know?

When a canopy comes with walls, you typically can use just one or all of the walls. You can use them or not use them, which adds a bit of versatility for you!