Best 0 Degree Sleeping Bag Reviews 2019 – For the Cold Weather of Winter

Only the most rugged outdoorsmen and adventurists are inclined to try winter camping. For those who enjoy it, part of the challenge is planning and packing gear that keeps them warm. A 0 Degree mummy sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, a sleeping liner, and thermal underwear are staples for camping in cold temperatures. Mummy-style or barrel-style sleeping bags hug closely to the body to preserve body heat.

Temperatures can drop during the night, so select a bag that withstands colder temperatures than you expect. You can always vent the bottom of the sleeping bag if you get too warm.

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0 Degree Sleeping Bag vs. 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

Temperature ratings are intended to be used as a basic guide, rather than a hard-and-fast rule. Since everyone’s body regulates temperature differently and metabolisms vary greatly, it’s almost impossible to develop an exact rating for sleeping bags that protect in sub-freezing temperatures.

Most camping sleeping bags will keep you warm between 15 and 50 degrees. Sleeping bags that are rated for 10 degrees and lower are considered winter sleeping bags. When a bag is rated as a 0-degree bag, it simply means that the bag is intended to keep an average body warm at that temperature. The same rating also assumes that the sleeping bag inhabitant is wearing a layer of thermal underwear and that they placed a quality sleeping mat beneath the sleeping bag.

It’s fair to say that you can use a 0 degree sleeping bag in 20 degree weather, but it wouldn’t be prudent to take a 20-degree sleeping bag when you expect temperatures around the zero mark. If you need warmer sleeping bags, check this page for more options.

Our Favorite 0 Degree Sleeping Bags in 2019

Coleman North Rim 0 Degree Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

This Coleman 0-degree sleeping bag has everything you’d expect in a winter camping sleeping bag and more. It’s filled with Coletherm insulation to keep you warm and has a diamond ripstop polyester cover with a polyester liner. It has a semi-sculpted hood that holds heat in around your head. It has an insulated chest baffle to hold in body heat. It fits most people up to 6’2”.

Smart Speed 0 Degree Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

This 0 degree sleeping bag will only add 4 pounds to your backpack. It’s made of orange, pongee polyester material to repel moisture while retaining warmth. It’s designed to keep your head or pillow off the ground and it has a full-length zipper draft tube so cold won’t enter through the zipper.

Suisse Sport Everest 0-degree Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

Suisse designed its sleeping bag with 3.5 pounds of Hollow-blend MicroTekk Z1 synthetic fill to keep campers warm down to zero degrees. The double-layer offset quilt construction keeps the cold out and doesn’t bunch up. The full chest baffle keeps out the draft and the drawstring hood keeps cold away from your face and head.

Ledge 0-degree Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

Ledge built this 0 degree sleeping bag for size. It measures a full 84” x 32” x 20” and compresses down to 17” x 9”. It weighs a mere 1.9 pounds, so it won’t weigh down your pack. The outer shell is made of Dobby Diamond 250T ripstop polyester and has a Softech ii 210T liner. This sleeping bag is designed for experienced backpackers and outdoorsmen.

Rovor Couzy 0-degree Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

Rovor designed this sleeping bag to transcend three seasons. The H4 hollow fiber fill keeps campers warm down to zero degrees. The reinforced mini-diamond ripstop polyester shell provides durability while keeping the bag lightweight. Indulge in comfort with a 260 thread count, ultra-soft microfiber lining.

Coleman Big Basin 0-20 degree Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

Coleman keeps you toasty-warm from head to toe with the Big Basin 0-degree sleeping bag. It fits big and tall campers up to 6’6” tall. Coleman designed this bag with an extra-wide bottom so you have a bit of room to move your legs and feet. The semi-sculpted hood locks in heat around your face and head.

ALPS Mountaineering Crescent Sleeping BagRead Product Reviews

This sleeping bag is almost like a bag within a bag. It contains TechLoft insulation with a two-layer offset construction to keep out the cold. It has an insulated chest and zipper baffle to keep body heat in. The outer shell is made of 210T polyester fabric that is water resistant.

It is possible to stay warm while camping during winter temperatures when you have the right equipment. When choosing your sleeping bag, think about the weight, shape, size, and temperature rating. When you get it just right, you’ll have an awesome trip!

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