Volkl Mantra M5 Review | A Great Pair of All Terrain Skies

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When you enjoy a sport you want to be able to have the right equipment. Without the proper equipment, people compromise a full experience. Skiing is an activity that most people enjoy, however, you don’t want to miss out on an even better opportunity. Our Volkl Mantra M5 review won’t disappoint you!

The design is meant for optimal use. For any skier, they’ll be able to enjoy a smooth ride while going forward. With its unbeatable exterior and functionality, this model will be the cherry on top for the best skiing experience yet. 

Available Lengths & Dimensions 

For the available length and dimensions, most people want to apply their height measurements. Often new skiers are unaware of which ski to pick. This can be dangerous on steep mountain slopes. Customers must know which ski will best suit them.

For this particular model, you are given a sidecut and starting dimension of 134/96/117. The available lengths are 170,177, 184, and 191 cm.

It has a 96-mm waist width, which is a great function for carving. It’s easy to overlook the small details, but if you want to create the best experience for you, try to look at all the dimensions. 

Core Construction: poplar + beech (binding mounting area) / fiberglass / titanal / carbon 

This is an important segment of actualizing someone’s skin process. The Base will be P-Tex 2100. Under the instructions, you’ll receive how you’ll need to mark that ski. 

Make sure that you listen to the proper instructions such as the recommended mount point. It may seem like a minor error but you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to grow in your skiing skills. 

Shape and Rocker Profile 

This Mantra M5 has an amazing rocker-camber-rocker look. A quality feature will offer you a quality experience. When you departure on skis it can be tricky to start with a smooth landing. With this feature, you’ll have a fast launch in no time. 

The tip and tail of the rocker lines are deep which creates a more narrow starting point. It can be hard to navigate without a deep rocker profile. Fortunately, this product provides you with a tighter side-cut radius. This will give skiers the speed they need while helping them with their direction. 

Mount Point 

Every attribute counts in a product. When you decide to buy top rated all mountain skis, its best to keep on the lookout for the features that’ll best suit you. Each person’s style of riding and level may differ. Choose the features that’ll give you an easy and smooth experience. 

The mount point is more than 2 cm further for the Mantra M5. When you ride the skis, that’s when the mount point will come into play. You want to consider how the ski will be on snow and how sensitive it’ll be through different angles.


Flex Pattern 

A flex pattern is showing the stiffness of the tip and tail. When a tail aims for the power you would want it to be stiff and sturdy. If you want to switch up your styles you can continue to create a smoothly round turn. This tool is a consistent and solid flex pattern. 

This is an important factor to consider based on the skis specific measurements. The flex pattern will make it easier for the skier to manage their weight. If it’s hard for you to maneuver the ski the flex pattern must be in accordance to your level. 

Performance Comparison 

The Volkl Mantra M5 is a great fit for intermediate learners who want to grow in their skiing skills. It is also an even better fit for experts who want to utilize their ski experience to its fullest potential. Although the Mantra is acknowledged for their swiftness, it sometimes doesn’t target beginner learners or those keen on powder skiing. For the latter, we covered best powder skis in our detailed reviews.

Now, how about the competing models? 

Salomon X-Drive All Mountain Skis is perfect for any beginner skier. Even if you’re an intermediate skier you’ll love this ski equipment. You can start by recognizing your ski level. Often the skis may not suit the level you’re in. Once you find that out you’ll be able to better distinguish the ski you’ll want to buy.

This ski allows you to have an easy ride without worrying so much about aggressive skiers. Skiing with people around you can be difficult for beginners. With this ski’s light density full wood and metal finish, you also don’t need to worry about rusting.

Stability at Speed & Weight  

The Volkl Mantra M5 has a narrower 4mm size difference. The weigh-in mostly a 95-100 mm all-mountain category. For people who are looking to consider weight and speed, you need to see if you’re able to ride the narrow rocker that M5 carries. 

The last thing you want on a planned ski tri is an injury. Make sure that you also purchase the right model. Mantra models are known for their effectiveness and  durability, however, you wouldn’t want to buy something you don’t have an exact guarantee for. 

Carving & Crud 

Are you a risk-taker? Do you enjoy the adrenaline of learning new skills? It can be dangerous without the proper precautions, but most skiers love the carving and crud time. For the Volkl M5, you’ll be able to carve with agility and retain groomer-rip. 

If you are using these skis for the first time they’ll take some time getting used to. Changes may occur to your adjustability, but you want to just try it out in low slopes to avoid injury. 

Playfulness & Bumps 

When you enjoy a sport you want to be able to have the right equipment. Without the proper equipment, people compromise a full experience. Skiing is an activity that most people enjoy, however, you don’t want to miss out on an even better opportunity. 

The benefits of mastering a sport are creating your style of riding a ski. The longevity of the ski is important for safety, however, feeling the thrill of skiing is a note to be taken. 

The playfulness and bumps for intermediate skiers can be a bit scary. Have you ever felt a bit bored with your skis? Maybe you’re getting too good at gaining a skill or maybe it's time to match your new level. Rossignol Experience 100 Open All Mountain Ski provides an amazing experience for new time skiers. 

The Rossignol skis are evenly distributed because it allows the skier to gain more momentum and speed. This creates maximize control which helps the skier experience extreme high speed. The sidewalls and angles are up and this helps experts increase their power and control. 

Best Application 

The best application for this is practice, practice, and practice! The more you’re able to control the ski, the more you’ll be able to have fun. You can begin by understanding how precise it was on-trail and even in the off-trail. 

The chamber bites take ahold of anything, you want to make sure you are aware of how each feature works. Every part of the ski has a purpose. To maximize that purpose continue to check out what works best for you. 

Rocker Type 

Rocker types skis are used to showcase the early rise. It is an overall happy medium for both cambered ski and reverses camber ski. It has traditional camber underfoot, coming in 2mm. Because of its full camber, our team has seen how it improves tracking. 

Through a camber, at any time you can progress in your technique. It can be a scary process, but since the M5 is made so well you’ll be skiing like an expert in no time. 

Core & Laminates

Sometimes you like a product of how it works and you also like it for how it looks. The M5 is a candidate for both these qualities. Since the exterior has a race or construction and it is softened, customers have raved about its all-mountain ski. The effectiveness of products can vary from time to time. However, with this product, it consistently is leaving people floored. 

Sidewalls & Base 

The sidewalls and base can jeopardize any skiing trip. Please make sure that your constructions are altered to your own BMI. The sidewalls are essential to make skis stiffer and have better age drip. You do not want to have weak equipment. 

If you’re looking for something with long-term durability, you need to be able to locate the best tool for you.

Binding Compatibility 

The art between the ski boots and the binding is a vital part of the safety of your ski setup. People think that they can maybe ride with loose bindings, will experience heavy physical damage. Make sure to understand that when you’re putting off the binding you are at your own risk.

The binding compatibility is an essential role in how you’ll want to combat steep hills. The amount of depth in each will cause moments of frustration if your bindings aren’t correct. You don’t want to ruin a good moment, and constantly check your bindings and your friends’ binding. 

Turning Radius 

The sidecut of skis needs to fill an arc. Unless you create tighter turns, you only need to make a slightly different move. The small pressures skiers place will heavily impact the direction of their skis. 

Depending on the size of your ski you’ll also have a longer radius. The M5 has a tighter sidecut radius of (19.8 m vs. 23.7 m inches). This means that skiers will be able to switch from side to side very quickly. 

Finally, another notable model worth checking out is Nordica Navigator 85 so give it a shot!

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