6 Best Two Person Double Sleeping Bag Reviews 2020 [Are Ohuhu, Magellan, or Coleman the Best?]

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When you’ve worked hard all week, you can wait to escape from the city and trek out to a remote area to spend some time in a natural area. While you enjoy roughing it a bit, you’ll still want to choose a sleep system that gives you a good night’s rest. Chances are that you need lots of energy for an active day from your first morning at the campsite.

A basic sleep system consists of a sleep platform and a sleeping bag. A sleep platform might be a cot, an air mattress, a sleeping pad, or a hammock. You’ll need a larger sleep platform to use a double sleeping bag if you want to share with your partner.

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Double Sleeping Bag vs. Double Cot

There are a couple of benefits to choosing a cot for campsite sleeping. Cots sit several inches off the ground, so they are easier to get on and off. Underneath the cot makes a nice storage space for camping gear. Because you are up off the ground, you’ll be cooler in the summer while you sleep and there will be less chance of bugs and other things crawling on you. The down side to cots is that sleeping on them during cool months can be cold. There is just a canvas layer beneath you, so there is nothing to insulate you from the cold air. Cots fold up for storage, but they are a bit bulky and heavy, so unless you will be camping for a length of time, they may be more unwieldy than you prefer to have.

Pump up a double or queen-sized air mattress and top it with a double sleeping bag. This forms a comfortable platform that keeps warm. Your body heat combines to keep you both warm. When you use a double sleeping bag, snuggling up with someone you love becomes part of the experience.

Our Favorite Two Person Double Sleeping Bags

1. Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is soft, warm, and comfortable, as well as highly waterproof. It is really two sleeping bags that zip together to form one larger sleeping bag. There are zippers on both sides so that either person can easily get out of the sleeping bag without disturbing the other person. It rolls up easily and fits in the storage bag. It also comes with two soft pillows.

2. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-size Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is so large that you can snuggle up to your honey, your kids, or your pet. It’s almost a queen size and it has zippers on both sides so either person can get out easily. There is a third zipper on the bottom so you can separate the bag into two quilted blankets. It has a shoulder baffle that cinches around the top to keep warm air inside. Includes a massive stuff sack with compression straps. If you stuff rather than roll, we promise the bag will fit.

3. American Trails Ozzie and Harriet Double Sleeping Bag

This is a big sleeping bag that is 80” x 66”. It has a cushiony micro polyester liner with a durable polyester out layer. It only weighs about 7 pounds and it’s washable too. There’s no worry about tugging on zippers, because they are self-repairing zippers.

4. Guide Gear Elk Zero Degree Double Canvas Sleeping Bag

Made of super-rugged cotton, this double sleeping bag holds up to active sleepers. It measures 50” x 90” and it’s lined with a soft, brushed flannel. The fiber fill will keep you warm even when it’s zero degrees. It has a hood, a draft collar, and an accessory pocket.

5. Coleman The Tandem  Double Sleeping Bag

Sleep in tandem comfortably in this extra-large sleeping bag. It fits people with a height of up to 6’ 2”. It has a patented zip-plow, two-way zipper that plows the fabric to prevent snags. It unzips to create two sleeping bags. It rolls and folds easily before stowing it away in the carrying bag. If you’re not happy, it has a 5-year limited warranty.

6. Magellan Outdoors RedRock Double Sleeping Bag

Made of durable polyester taffeta with a cotton liner, this double sleeping bag will keep both of you warm and comfortable. It has a unique 7-hole insulation that really keeps you warm. The fabric is water-resistant. It comes with a stuff sack with a zippered, expendable panel and drawstring for tying it closed.

Camping is all about togetherness, so why not take advantage of your body heat and create a little extra warmth by cocooning up together in a double sleeping bag.

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