6 Best Fixed Blade Survival, Hunting & Tactical Knives Reviews 2020

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In comparing fixed-blade knives, your first consideration should be the knife’s utility. Beyond that, factor other features including size, grip, and storage.Large knives, such as machetes and hatchets are not effective for hunting and skinning animals, or for other hunting needs. Hunting knives are generally smaller so they fit nicely into a casing, your pocket, or your hunting bag.

Tactical knives are designed for protecting yourself and others. They are intended to be used in combat or for personal safety. Many of the brands have a folding blade for easy portability and security.

Survival knives are designed for survival in remote areas under any conditions, so they are the most versatile of all of the knives. If you're using them in the dark make sure to stay hands free and have the best vision by using our recommended head lamps.

Regardless of the knife that you choose, you should check the grip and make sure that it fits securely into your hand.

Survival Knife vs. Hunting Knife

A survival knife can be used as a hunting knife, but the reverse doesn’t always work out as well. Survival knives and hunting knives are strong and durable. Both are known for optimum performance and each is designed for a specific purpose.

Hunting knives are designed to be used to cut through the tough skin of an animal. Hunters also use them for filleting and preparing their game meat. Most hunters prefer smaller knives for hunting since it gives more dexterity and control. Hunters that hunt small game generally choose knives about 4 inches long. Large animal hunters who are on the hunt for deer, elk, or moose choose a bigger, tougher hunting knife that allows them to slice through the skin and meat effortlessly.

Survival knives are larger, thicker, and stronger than hunting knives and they offer a lot more in the way of utility and versatility. In addition to cutting the flesh of animals, survival knives can be used as a spearhead, to start campfires, or to cut through meat or vegetables.

Our Favorite Fixed Blade Survival, Tactical and Hunting Knives in 2020

1. Blize Tec Survival Fixed-Blade Knife

With a 420 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant blade, this 3-in1 fixed-blade knife is a must-have for serious survivalists. It gives 30 hours of LED capacity with full battery and up to 12,000 strikes for the starter so you won’t be left without a campfire. The handle is made of pakka wood for a stronger, more stable grip.

2. Buck Knives 0119 Special Fixed-Blade Knife

Hunters will love this fixed-blade knife that is 11.25” wide and 2.75 long. It has a 6” 420HC steel large clip blade. The handle is made of Cocobola Dymondwood with a brass pommel guard. Tuck it safely away in the accompanying leather sheath. It has a classic design and the thickness of the blade makes it super easy to sharpen.

3. MTech USA MT-086 Series Hunting Knife

This knife is designed as a hunting knife, but it works well as a camping or survival knife as well. It has a black, stainless steel blade with a straight edge. The blade is 7” long. The ABS handle has wing walk inserts for a superior grip, even when it’s rainy. Store it safely away in the black nylon sheath.

4. Coleman Survival Knife

This is a quality survival knife that is perfect for fishing. It has a 4.7” SCR13 stainless steel blade with a black-washed finish. The blade is strong and durable and is serrated on the back side. The handle is made of black zinc and aluminum and it’s textured for a secure grip. The kit comes with matches, fishing thread, hook, needle, thread, rubber band, and spring and compass.

5. Ace Martial Arts Supply HK-1036 Fixed-Blade Tactical Combat Knife

This tactical knife does double-duty as a hunting knife. It has a durable, ultra-sharp stainless steel blade. The rubber handle makes for a solid grip. At under one pound, it’s easy to carry around and store with your gear. It is 13” in overall length and comes with a durable sheath.

6. Knife Navy SEALS Tactical Combat Bowie Knife

This is a fixed-blade knife that is used by Navy SEALS. It’s 9” long and is a good knife for tactical, military, combat, and survival activities. The blade is 5” long and has a handle made of nylon fiber. The blade is made of stainless steel and has a saw-back tanto edge. It comes with a nylon sheath.

Generally, you should select a knife that is designed for the right purpose. Many of the knives are designed so that they can be used for more than one purpose. Your new knife may serve needs beyond your original intent and that makes for a good value.

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