10 Best Pocket Key Organizer Reviews (In 2020)

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After reviewing the most recent Pocket Key Organizers across the web, we've determined that the Keyport Pivot Key Organizer is the best on the market. It is a fair price and has great reviews. We highly recommend checking it out.

Having a large number of keys can make it difficult to quickly sort through to which one is needed. A typical key ring can only hold so many without the keychain looking jumbled and full. A pocket key organizer keeps your keys organized better. The compact design also saves you space in your pocket.

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Our Favorite Pocket Key Organizers In 2020

1. Compact Key Holder By ThorKey

This compact key holder is made from aluminum alloy. Up to 10 different keys can be kept within this holder. You can even attach it to your key fob. All the keys slide inside so there is no jingling.

2. Portable Key Holder/Organizer From Kiartten

Hold up to 14 keys with this key holder and organizer. The durable construction ensures the holder will last and hold up over time. It is made with stainless steel and aluminum alloy.


This key cage allows you to easily fold up all your keys into one small storage space. It saves space in your pocket and keeps you from having to struggle with a jangling set of keys. A total of 14 keys can be held inside.

4. ULTNICE Aluminum Key Holder Clip Folder

Between three and five keys can be kept in this key holder clip folder. You can adjust the steel screws to fit the amount you need. The case comes with a clip that allows you to clip it to your pocket for easier access.

5. Extendable Compact Key Holder Organizer

Tuck in your keys and then unfold your knife with this extendable compact key holder. Up to 10 keys can be kept inside, with an included pocket knife that also folds up inside it. The knife resembles an extended key. The entire thing is made from aircraft aluminum and stainless steel.

6. Metal RFID Blocking Wallet Case w/ Compact Pocket Key Organizer

This two pack deal comes with a metal wallet and a compact pocket key organizer. The key organizer offers a one-side design that does not allow keys to stick out and poke you. The special grip mechanism keep all keys in place so they remain in their position until they are needed.

7. Leather Compact Key Holder Organizer By ThorKey

This leather key holder is made with top grain leather. It can hold up to eight keys. A secure locking mechanism will keep all keys in place.

8. Key Holder by The Cap

You can easily stick this key holder in your pocket, or hang it up in your home thanks to the unique design. You can just use a quarter to tighten up the screws that hold each key in place. A bottle opener is included on one end.

9. KeyQ Smart Key Holder Organizer

The sleek and slim design of this compact organizer saves space in your pocket. It can hold up to eight small keys, and four large ones. It comes with a screw, key loop, 10 piece rubber shim, bottle opener, and 2 piece extension screws.

10. Compact Key Holder form Key2aKey

Two extensions are available with this key holder so you can add more keys. Up to 12 in total can be included. You can even place a keys, a thumb drive, and a pocket knife into the same holder.

A pocket key organizer is ideal to have since it saves on space. All your keys can be kept inside without them jingling around in your pocket. A key organizer like this is also ideal when you go on trips since it saves you space while packing. Whether you are going on a camping trip, heading out on vacation, or simply want to conserve on space daily, you can utilize a pocket key organizer.

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