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When the holidays come around, hitting the slopes is one of the best forms of relaxation. Sometimes you find yourself in a place where the snow is dry and the hills are rough and rocky.

Our team wants you to find the best terrain and maximize your snowboarding experience. We want you to feel your best and gain experience by snowboarding in the best places. Take a friend and teach them how to snowboard to maximize the enjoyment for the whole crew.

Best Places To Snowboard in The US

We recommend you choose a top place for your snowboarding trip. When you snowboard its a rush of adrenaline like no other. You want to cultivate this excitement by choosing the best place for you. In the US there’s a wide range of places to choose from as long as you have the skills and your best snowboard with you.

Do you want a rocky terrain or steep, smooth slopes? Our team wants to ensure that you have your most memorable experience yet!

Steamboat Resort, Steamboat Springs, CO

Are you looking for top snowboarding with endless space? Steamboat Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in Colorado. For snowboarding experts who want to practice new tricks this place is for you! 

The terrain spreads around 165 named trails with backcountry terrain for die-hard snowboarding fans. The area is mostly remote and isn’t too crowded for new beginners.

Beaver Creek Mountain Resort, Avon, CO

If you want to snowboard with a luxurious retreat Beaver Creek is your resort. You’re able to have access to some of the finest dining experiences with beautiful views. This resort is great if you want to have some relaxation time after your boarding experience.

For hardcore snowboarders, you know the feeling of getting sore after a good ride down the mountain. With the Beaver Creek’s best-groomed hills and four terrain parks, you’ll find yourself enjoying the ride. After your long ride, you can relax in their soothing spas with a full heated sauna and massages. 

Grand Targhee Resort, Alta, WY

Grand Targhee Resort is the family resort you’ve been looking for! They offer 4-pack ticket prices so your whole family could join. This is a great resort that is friendly for all ages. The great thing about the 4-pack is that you do not need to use it consecutively. 

You could sign up for a winter season pass so you can snowboard multiple times. After a long ride in the mountains, you can choose a comfy lounging area with a fireplace and leather seating.

Jay Peak, Jay, VT

Jay Peak offers space in the mountain for everyone. You can bring your kids for camp or you could have a corporate winter retreat with your co-workers. There’s an endless supply of accommodation to make sure you’re living your best life.

You can choose to look at the weather reports and sign up for snow school! If you’re feeling new to the snowboarding life this resort has got you covered. They want you to make a great experience for everyone in the community. 

The Canyons, Park City, UT

If you want to have a low-key destination for your family this city is a great attraction. For snowboarders, you’ll have easy access to the slopes. This is an opportunity for boarders at any level to ride their best all-mountain boards with their friends and family.

The benefit of the Canyons lift ticket is that it includes both bases the Canyons Village and the Park City Base Area. After a long day of boarding, you can go down the street to take photos of the historical landmarks around the city. 

Telluride Resort, Telluride, CO

For advanced snowboarders who want to take risks and try out new tricks, the Telluride Resort provides the best area. If you’re in love with boarding you need to take hold of this once in a lifetime experience.

This resort provides all sorts of terrains. It offers a terrain for every type of rider. You can go through the San Juan Mountains which are known for their steep and jagged terrains. For a thrill, you can check out the Plunge and Spiral Stairs which has vertical drops. 

Breckenridge Ski Resort, Breckenridge, CO

This resort provides an epic pass for you to be amped up for the winter. They provide a comprehensive guide for new and returning boarders with a mountain checklist. It goes through all the necessary steps to have the best preparation for your ride.

The snowmaking is filled with smooth hills that you can easily carve through. Dialling up the weather patterns on the terrain can do you more harm than good. This resort helps you understand the zones to prevent any precaution and make the most out of your experience. 

Mammoth Mountain, USA

The Mammoth mountain has up to half off their ticket deals before the winter season. This is a perfect place to go with large groups. You can get the deals and packages you want without compromising on your overall experience.

The park has over 20 years of progression with a variety of unique parks. You can be a part of this by riding within over 100 acres of terrain. There is also an unbound area for fun and progression. 

Mount Bachelor, USA

Mount Bachelor is an exceptional starting point for new learners. They have multi-week kids programs that can help you snowboard at any age. It can be intimidating to go with a group of experienced boarders. This place is a great place for you to have a fun time, while your friends are learning the basics. 

The Woodward Mountain Park is a network of terrain zones that offer a balanced mountain experience. You don’t need to be overwhelmed by the different levels. They want each rider to embrace their own goals and style. 

Mount Hood Meadows, USA

Mount Hood Meadows is one of the largest resorts in Oregon that provides you with massive terrain zones. When you get sore from snowboarding they have an array of things to do. You can hit the Snowvana events which will provide great music and deals on gear.

They’re all about the community get-togethers so they want you to get with your boarding buddies and attend these fun events. You can join them for screenings or even attend their Portland Ski Fever show which has entertainment and unbeatable deals. 

Mt Baker, USA

This a legendary snowboarder’s resort that has one of the most diverse terrains to suit your unique boarding style. Since the area is so big you’ll need a reliable vehicle to get through the rocky terrains. 

They also want you to have a great wind down after a long day of boarding. You can enter their film festival or head down for music on the mountain. 

Vail, USA

The Vail is known to be one of the most prestigious snowboarding resorts of all time. The terrain has 3 halfpipes and the majority of the rider are snowboarders. They want you to have the best winter escape from lodging to rentals or even snow school. 

The Vail’s village had been working all summer long to create the new trails for returning or new borders. They want you to have an early season experience without settling for quality of snow. 

Squaw Valley, USA

Squaw Valley is known for creating their tight bond of Olympic snowboarders. It has been snow-board friendly for several years now. The countless action provided on the Squaw leaves boarders feeling happy and extremely satisfied. 

When you’re snowboarding and have a question you can download their Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows for an updated lift or trail offering. This way you don’t need to be scared of getting lost.

Jackson Hole USA

Jackson Hole USA serves as one of the most iconic snowboarding destinations in the world. The Jackson Hole Tram provides breathtaking views and direct access to the Teton Village.

You’ll be up in a 10,450 summit of the Jackson Hole area. If you’re a beginner rider you can still go. They have six trails and two chairlifts for you to feel comfortable and you’re very best. 


Stratton is known for their original snowboard school. This is a perfect chance for new learners to get down the basics of snowboarding.

They specialize in teaching fundamentals, by offering programs for players at any level.

For snowboarders who want to get plugged into a community, they offer camps to supercharge your interest to another level.

They want you to build connections that are fun and supportive for your gradual progress.

Big Sky

If you’re looking for soft powdery snow you want to check out Big Sky. It has terrain for every ability level. Big Sky has a reputation for advanced snowboarders to board in any style.

For those of you, who want to go in group settings Big Sky offers multi-day tickets as long as 7 days. You can also contest for deeper discounts if you want to save more money. 


Northstar-At-Tahoe offers world-class hands-on schooling for beginners. They provide 3,170 acres of land that you can explore. These terrains are mainly for intermediate to advanced boarders. 

They have great ticket flexibility because when you buy 3 or more day tickets you can use it at Northstar, Heavenly, and Kirkwood. Since their school is so well established you won’t need to worry about finding the best lessons for new boarders. 


Snowbird is home to one of the longest winter seasons. They want you to have the most fun in any season. Known for their amazing, inbound terrains you will experience boarding through a new lens.

They have professional who are frequent guests at their steep terrains. The area is known to challenge even some of the most top-botch professionals because of their deep lines within their terrains. 


If you want to test out some new tricks and have a good time with your family this resort has some of the best terrains you’ll ever see.

These terrains are great for intermediate to advanced participants.

They don’t have as many trials for beginners so you want to be able to snowboard before heading to these terrains. 

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