Best Magnesium Fire Starter Survival Tool (2019 Reviews)

Updated August 1st, 2018:

After reviewing the magnesium fire starter market, we've determined that the The Friendly Swede brandis the best. It is highly rated and reasonably priced. It also comes in a pack of 3 which is an added bonus. We highly recommend checking out this product before your next adventure.

A fire starter is an essential tool for anyone who frequents outdoor spaces. While in this current day and age, many people carry lighters on them this is not the preferred method for fire starting. When professionally starting a fire, a magnesium-based fire starting kit is the most fool proof method; this is because the magnesium within the product helps to produce a fire that will burn evenly and be sustainable.

A well-built fire will provide you with necessary warmth and even act as a cooking aid for meals that require heat. The magnesium fire starter is also an excellent emergency tool to have in the event smoke signals need to be sent, or individuals are lost and need rescuing.

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Flint and Steel Vs. Magnesium

If you're familiar with the historic, old fire starters, the ones that came out after rubbing two rocks together, you know they don't always yield the necessary results. A flint and steel striker was once the best way to start a fire. However, these two fire starting methods are different in many ways.

With a natural flint and steel starter, it takes a certain level of precision and expertise to get the flame going. It will likely require a couple of tries before you get it just right. Depending on the degree of dexterity you possess, it may prove to be harder than you previously though.

With a magnesium fire starter, though, the sparks are much hotter and more concentrated- this means that the flames are easier to produce. It's a very straightforward method and the most efficient regarding amount of time it will take to start a fire successfully.

Our Favorite Magnesium Fire Starter Survival Tool

SurvivalSPARK Emergency Magnesium Fire Starter – Read Product Reviews

This affordable option is one of the best as it provides incredible value. Also comes with a whistle and a compass. Completely weather resistant, windproof and no match for the cold. The manufacturer stands behind the product 100% and offers a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee. Starter rod will last over 15,000 strikes.

Magnesium Survival Fire Starter Military Grade – Read Product Reviews

With a military grade type of durability, this product is waterproof, well made and will last for over 12,000 strikes. Is patented to function in every kind of outdoor capacity. Whether that be the wind, rain or sleet, this fire starter will provide you with the spark to make a substantial fire. Lifetime warranty to ensure you obtain just the satisfaction you deserve from survival products given their pertinent nature.

Inside N Beyond Torch Magnesium Fire Starter – Read Product Reviews

Comes with complete instructions, this kit is a bit more detailed and contains more additional parts than the other items on this list. The torch comes broken down into pieces that can be easily assembled into the torch. This magnesium based product is incredibly safe, waterproof and also comes with a compass.

MyCrisis Gear Magnesium Fire Starter – Read Product Reviews

A great tool for preppers and outdoorsmen, an all-in-one solution. Magnesium fire starter that's compact, lightweight, and starts quickly. Made from premium quality magnesium this product is a great starter and much safer than a match or a lighter. Can start a fire even in damp or wet conditions.

Core Survival Magnesium Fire Starter – Read Product Reviews

Superior quality designed torch also doubles as a glass breaker and keychain. Complete with a magnesium flint rod, tinder storage compartment and a cotton ball. Breaks down into screwable parts for easy storage. The non-slip grip which helps to stabilize the bar when lighting it.

SE All-Weather Emergency 2 IN 1 Fire Starter – Read Product Reviews

The most affordable item on the list and the smallest. This pocket-sized magnesium flint bar has everything you'd need to start a fire. It's completely waterproof and compact. Completely durable and able to spark in severe environments, this is the perfect product for those who want something simple that gets the job done.

Having a reliable way to start a fire in an emergency situation is incredibly important. You want something that is compact, credible and easy to use. Many of the options provided for you above are all that and more. Be sure to read multiple reviews before deciding on your best option.