6 Best Camping Tarp Shelter Reviews 2020 | Lightweight Options for Backpacking and Camping

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We've recently reviewed all of the lightweight camping tarp shelters and have found that the Chill Gorilla Brand is the best of the best. With hundreds of reviews on Amazon and priced reasonably, the Chill Gorilla tarp is waterproof, durable and includes stakes, ropes and tensioners. We highly recommend checking out this product.

One of the aspects of camping that can get a bit dicey is the uncertainty of the weather. If you live in a particular part of the world that is known for rainy and wet climate, you know how impacting weather conditions can be. Things like wind and rain can easily upset the lovely, serene balance of a camping environment. Thankfully there are ways to protect yourself.

Using a camping shelter will allow you to keep dry despite the weather. Don't ever let the weather dictate how your camping trip goes again! Many different types of tarps can be used for protection from the elements. Many can be used in other ways as well. One of the most important aspects of a tarp is that it is durable and lightweight. One made specifically for the weather is superior, but even those are light. For year around camping options check out what we consider the best 3 and 4 season tents here.

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Why Opt For Lightweight?

You may have previously believed the notion that you need a thick, heavy-duty tarp to ward off rain, wind and even the sun; this isn't necessarily the case. Most tarps that are incredibly thick are not only very difficult to carry and transport but also it's ability to stay upright, and do the job of blocking out the weather elements, becomes more difficult. 

When installed right, a lightweight tarp will stay fastened into the ground regardless of how challenging the weather may be. The anchors and poles included with these products are specially designed to withstand the wind, rain, and the sun. Don't let a severe weather report stop you from going out to enjoy a little bit of what nature has to offer.

If you want something REALLY light weight during the summer months we recommend  instant pop up tents as great alternatives, but wouldn't use them outside of spring and summer, and not in the rain. On the other hand if you're traveling a lot with them such as kayaking or going on trails we recommend these best backpacking tents.

Our Favorite Lightweight Camping Tarp Shelters

1. Driftsun Lightweight Water Resistant Tarp Camping Shelter

An affordable, multi-faceted item, it can be used to protect you on rainy camp days, but also during times when you need to protect goods, materials or equipment in winter months, it's an excellent product to have. Comes with a water resistant 12 ft by 12 ft tarp. An abundance of shade provided with this product.

2. Eagles Nest Outfitters Dry Fly Rain Tarp

One of the most popular items on this list, it's made from 100% Nylon which is the perfect material for a tarp. An extra layer of protection comes from the polyurethane used in the material; this provides water shedding capability ideal for those rainy days. Offers a vast coverage area to keep not only you dry but your gear too!

3. Ultimate Survival Base Hex Tarp

Field tested to ensure high-quality product; this tarp is made specifically to be able to provide excellent coverage for one person; this eliminates the need for a massive overbearing tarp. Used in many different ways, as a thermal blanket, ground cloth or coverage tarp. You'll find a use for it even if it isn't raining! Is crafted to protect against the sun and inclement weather.

4. Kelty Noah's Tarp Shelter

With adjustable corner guy lines and points, this product will provide you with exactly the amount of protection you desire. Offers instant shade on those too hot days and keeps you from getting wet when it's rainy. The taped seams prevent the water from seeping in. Can easily be added to your camping, boating, backpacking or festival gear.

5. Aqua Quest Guide Tarp

This product is made with hydrostatic resistant material, which will keep you dry in the wettest of conditions. At a mere 1.1 lbs, it's incredibly easy to carry, perfect for backpacking. Comes with 12 reinforced webbing apprentices for secure anchoring. Can be set up in numerous ways, against a tree, by making a teepee, or fastened to the ground.

6. Chinook Camping Tarp

With this product, coverage for a huge amount of space is provided. Will cover a couple of hammocks and tents at one time. This tarp will hold up in the face of most weather meltdowns. A little on the heavy side, this type of tarp isn't ideal for backpacking or extended carry.

Never again worry about how the weather can impact your previously made plans. Instead, come prepared with one of these lightweight camping tarps. You don't want mother nature to encumber you or put you in a pinch, instead have a great lightweight tarp in your camping gear arsenal.

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