6 Best Kids Teepee Play Tent Reviews 2020 | Top Choices for Your Children to Play Outdoors

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There’s something about tents, teepees, playhouses, and tree forts that spark imagination in children. Give children some materials and a little time and they’ll make their own little hiding space in no time if you get them one of the best kid's teepee tents.

A teepee tent is a great place to curl up with a book or take a nap. It’s a favorite place for children to use their imaginations to play make believe and make up stories. There’s no better place than a teepee tent to share secrets or have a tea party with your friends. The best thing about teepee tents is that they’re too small for big people. No grown-ups allowed which might be a little annoying but your kid will love it and won't be bothering you for a tree house any time soon!

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Kid’s Teepee Tents vs. Kid’s Pop-up Tents

There are more similarities than differences when you compare a kid’s teepee tent to a kid’s pop-up tent. Both types of tents are pretty easy to set up and take down. They both fold flat for easy storage when not in use.

Neither the teepee nor the pop-up tent takes up very much room. You can use both of them indoors or out in the yard. You can also set them up in a park or at a friend’s house. Moms or dads who run in-home daycare businesses will love this fun addition to the play room.  Kids love teepee tents at a party too.

The one thing that really sets a teepee tent apart from a pop-up tent is that it helps children learn about our Native American culture. Playing in a teepee sparks their imagination and inspires role-playing and creative imagination. The graphics on many of the teepees create an environment that inspire creative and healthy play activities.

There are a TON of awesome tents out there. Some, more creative than others that inspire giddiness and fun like watermelon tents. For more cool ideas, even for adults, check out these cool tents.

To go with your teepee tents consider getting your kids some special sleeping bags, We're reviewed the best ones for kids here: https://www.tent.net/best-kids-sleeping-bags/.

Our Favorite Kid's Teepee Play Tent Reviews

1. LF Indian Teepee Tripod Play Tent

Our absolute favorite! This is a bright, yellow teepee that is supported by a tripod. It comes with sturdy poles that make it very easy to set up and take down and you won’t even need any tools. It measures 40” x 40” x 56” tall, so it takes up very little room. It folds flat for fast and convenient storage. Use indoors or outdoors for hours of fun for your kids!

2. KidKraft Orange Teepee Tent

This teepee goes together in just a few, simple steps. It comes with a detailed set of step-by-step assembly directions. It has a bright orange top that is accented by a gray chevron-print pattern around the bottom. It has a small mesh window, so parents can peek in once in a while. Kids will have endless fun in their little hideaway. This teepee is designed for indoor use only.

3. Trademark Innovations Teepee Playhouse

Trademark Innovations offer this striking teepee tent with horizontal black and white stripes. Use it indoors and take it out in the yard for creative fun. It measures 48” square and is a full 72” tall. It’s made of durable cotton canvas and the door flaps tie open. This teepee is appropriate for children ages 3 and up.

4. Pacific Play Tents Sante Fe Giant Teepee

This teepee tent is the most colorful one on the market. It is decorated with colorful graphics that depict mountains, buffalo, and cactus. It has a durable, polyethylene floor that can easily be cleaned up with a damp cloth and mild soap. Use this teepee tent inside or outside. Your kids’ imaginations are sure to run wild.

With electronics taking center stage for our children’s entertainment, it’s a good idea to encourage them to use their imaginations whenever they can. What better way to ignite their creativity than by getting them a teepee tent to play in. It’s the perfect place to play make believe with dolls, do to some coloring in a coloring book, or to put a puzzle together. Playing in the teepee helps kids socialize. Everyone will want to play at the house of the child that has a teepee tent.

5. Discovery Kids Adventure Teepee Tent

Set up this colorful turquoise teepee tent with navy trim in just a few minutes. It stands 4.5’ tall and has a mesh window. Twin tie-offs keep the door flaps open The door does not have a zipper, so it’s safe for children to play in inside the house or outside in the yard. This tent is appropriate for boys and girls over the age of four.

6. Dream House Portable Indoor Teepee

From Dream House, this is a very cute teepee style tent with Native American graphics to make it look like the real deal. It is 39.4” square and is 55.2” tall. The covering is made of pongee, an unbleached woven fabric, made from raw silk. This teepee is designed for indoor use only.

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