6 Best Kids Sleeping Bags with Pillow Reviews 2020 | Top Disneyland Character Picks!

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 Every child loves to get a colorful sleeping bag with matching pillow as a gift. Kids love to snuggle up in cozy places. Sleeping bags create a comfy nook for kids to lounge around in when they are in front of their favorite television shows or playing electronic games.

The child sleeping bag is a staple for childhood sleepovers in their own home, at a friend’s home, camping with family, or at Grandma’s house. This post will outline our favorite kids sleeping bags in 2020. However, if you have a younger kid then we recommend this article for the top sleeping bags for toddlers. If you also need one for mommy then you'll want to consider these.

They’re fun to snuggle up in when they’re active and well, and when you tuck them into their favorite sleeping bag when they’re ill, it picks up their spirits a little bit.

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Licensed Kids Character Sleeping Bags vs. Camping Sleeping Bags

Think utility when doing some comparison shopping for Kids sleeping bags. Kids are sure to love sleeping bags that are screen-printed with their favorite licensed characters. Many of those kinds of sleeping bags are great for sleepovers and indoor use, but they won’t keep children warm or dry during outdoor camping trips.

For children who love to do sleepovers, a sleeping bag with their favorite licensed characters on it provides a good value. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth from its use. The pure enjoyment that these colorful sleeping bags bring to children is worth their weight in gold. They’re lightweight and store easily. Bring them out at a moment’s notice for an impromptu sleepover anywhere, even when it’s right in your living room. The matching pillow is surely a bonus.

If you’re a family that loves to camp, the lighter sleeping bags won’t do the trick. Opt for thicker, child-sized sleeping bags that keep children warm on chilly nights and help them stay dry from the rain.

Save the lighter, character-based sleeping bags for indoor activities. Or warm summer nights. My cousin's kids love doing backyard sleep overs in these teepee play tents for kids that make it really fun and festive.

Our Favorite Kids Sleeping Bags With Pillow Reviews In 2020

1. Paw Patrol Slumber Set with Pillow

This pink Paw Patrol sleeping bag couldn’t be cuter. It’s made from a lightweight polyester fabric. It’s sized perfectly for small children at 54” x 30”. The soft and cozy inside is lovely blue in color. The matching little pillow cushions little heads and they’ll love the screen-print of the Paw Patrol puppies. This bag is sure to delight every kid.

2. Disney Frozen Sleeping Bag with Pillow

Designed in purple and blues, little girls will love to snuggle in with Anna and Elsa in this pretty sleeping bag and matching pillow. It’s made of 100% polyester. Note that it’s intended for indoor use only, and that it’s not recommended for kids under the age of three. It’s ideal for nap time, daycare, sleepovers, and traveling.

3. Disney Pixar Cars Slumber Bag and Pillow Set

Your little guys will love this Disney Pixar Cars sleeping bag that is printed in reds and blues. It’s made of 100% polyester and is so soft and cozy. The sleeping bag measures 30” x 54” and the adorable matching pillow measures 11” x 17”.  Girls will love this design too. Kids will want to take this set everywhere they go.

4. Marvel Avengers Slumber Bag with Pillow

This slumber set is suitable for children over the age of three. It’s made from 100% polyester, which makes it soft and comfortable. Kids will want to snuggle right into their sleeping bag with their favorite Avengers characters. The matching pillow will comfort their little heads and send them off to an adventure-filled dreamland.

5. Disney Star Wars Darth Vader Sleepover Set

Your child will want to have a Star Wars moviethon, so he can cuddle up in his new sleeping bag with matching pillow. It’s made of 100% polyester and the matching pillow is ultra-soft. Kids won’t fight nap time when they know they get to sleep in this sleeping bag. They’ll be the envy of all of their friends.

6. SoHo Kids Collection Polka-Dot Sleeping Bag with Pillow Set

This pink, polka-dotted sleeping bag with matching light-pink pillow is for girly-girls to the max. It includes a matching storage sack with drawstring closure. It’s made with a soft, cotton fabric with cushiony, polyester batting fill. Little girls will love to snuggle down into the soft flannel interior. This sleeping bag takes girls to the next stage because it accommodates kids up to 5’ tall.

Sleeping bags are fun for every age, but especially for little ones. These sleeping bags are light enough to travel with them wherever they go. A sleeping bag makes sleeping time an enjoyable time. Spread the sleeping bags out across the family room floor, pop some popcorn and enjoy a family night of togetherness.

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