6 Best Kayak & Canoe Cart Reviews 2020 | Get the #1 “Water Dolly”

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After reviewing all of the new Kayak and Canoe carts on the market, we've determined that the TMS Cart is the best on the market. It has over two thousand reviews and 200+ answered questions on Amazon. It is highly rated and priced fairly. We highly recommend checking it out.

A kayak and canoe cart can be one of the most underrated accessories for anyone who needs to transport their boat. Whether it's only a few feet or a couple of miles from the water to where you store the boat, investing in a cart will likely make your life much easier and will save you from injury.

Kayak and canoe carts are particularly useful for those who live in proximity to the water. When your kayak or canoe is fully rigged, it can potentially weigh more than 100 pounds. Carrying the boat in excess can easily cause injury.

Our Favorite Kayak & Canoe Carts

OUR #1 PICK: TMS Cart : Canoe/Kayak Tote Trolley

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Canoe/Kayak Tote Trolley​​

This cart is made of sturdy aluminum stainless steel and can hold up to 150 lbs. It comes with 12-foot long tie straps will help to fasten and secure the kayak to the cart and has two kickstands for maximum convenience and ability to hold its own.

The cart breaks down for easy storage without taking up much space. Large inflatable tires provide great support to the boat even on uneven terrain.

The TMS Cart is not limited to just Canoes and Kayaks - you can take stand up paddle boards (SUPs) and sailboards too, which is a huge plus if you have a variety of water vehicles. 

It's not the hardest thing to set up - just make sure the quick release pin on the wheels are focused outside so they the kayak or whatever you are carrying doesn't knock against the wheels, potentially forcing them off. You could also opt for a shorter pin instead which would be less likely to get in the way. This isn't a deal breaker so you only need to do so if it becomes a problem.

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Boat/Kayak/Canoe Carrier Cart

This cart comes with 10” PU foam wheels that are both sturdy and capable. Made of aluminum, it's strong but also light, helping its portability. It can hold up to a 150 lb canoe or kayak.

It comes with a double- leg kickstand which helps to make loading the boat a breeze. It holds the boat in a V-shaped cradle, which isn't ideal for some stand up paddle boards, especially the wider ones, but it can work for some.

The foam bumpers help protect the hull so that it doesn't scrape and the trolley is foldable, making it easy to store and taking little space in your car or garage.

Ready to go straight out of the box since it requires no set up.

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Malone Clipper Deluxe

The airless tires on this cart won't go flat and can be popped off the product for easy storage. Anodized aluminum frame fits most kayaks as it has a capacity of 200 lbs. This product comes with an oversized padded frame which helps to protect the boat when its being transported from scratches or scuffs.

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Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart

This cart provides rubber padding for your canoe or kayak to rest on while it's getting transported. Can easily fold into a mesh carry bag after it's broken down to be easily stored. Weight capacity of this cart is 125 lbs. Comes with 10” airless tires which won't go flat, an extremely convenient and helpful feature.

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Malone Nomad

Airless tires that can easily be detached come on this cart. It has an oversized padded frame to help protect both the boat and provide it with stability when the cart isn't in motion. Will hold a boat of up to 150 lbs. 1-inch wide strap that comes with a heavy duty, easily clasped buckle. Can break down easily and will fit most kayaks or canoes.

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Ultra Durable Heavy Duty Boat Cart

The most affordable cart on the list this may be a good option for someone who just doesn't want to spend a lot of money on boat accessories. Heavy-duty cart designed to use in rugged environments. Provides protection for kayaks and canoes by way of four rubber pads to protect the vessel.

Don't try to strain your back and you knees by carrying your canoe or kayak from your car to the water. You don't want to ever put yourself in a position where you are more prone to injury. Attach it to your bike or simply roll it by hand. Before purchasing, make sure to read reviews carefully and decide on what type of tire would best fit your needs.

The Benefits Of A Cart

Ease of travel is one of the foremost advantages of using a cart to transport your kayak or canoe. These vessels, though smaller than other boats, can still get to pretty heavy weights. Getting the canoe or kayak in the water can sometimes take a concentrated effort and more than one person, though inflatable kayaks are usually quite light. Carrying it more than necessary is foolish.

The kayak can be easily fastened onto the cart, and the wheels can bring the boat close enough to the water where it can then be used. The purpose is to take the weight and the stress of the vessel off you and instead put it on the cart. So a great use is if you need the room or want to take the load off because you just finished fishing in your kayak.

Most carts can easily be fastened to bikes or just rolled by hand. Keep in mind that many karts come with different types of tires: the most popular being plastic, air-filled, or foam filled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a canoe cart?

Place the canoe onto the cart about 10 percent behind the middle. From there, push it from behind while keeping the canoe at a slight angle, with the bottom of the canoe slightly lower than the front to maximize balance.

How do you secure a kayak to a cart?

To secure a kayak to a cart you want to strap it down and strap it at an angle so the the kayak can't slip forward. Since you want to push from the back, you'll have the control to prevent it from tipping back or full. You'll want to use four straps to fully secure the two items.

How do kayak carts work?

Kayak carts work by simply having the kayak placed on top of the cart that has wheels. Although it's fairly stable, you might require some balancing to keep the kayak on the cart. Once the kayak is on the cart you can simply push it from behind to easily transport the kayak.

How do I choose a kayak cart?

To choose a kayak cart choose one made of aluminum steel that can handle your boat's capacity. Additionally, having airless tires is a bonus so that you never have fill them up or maintain them.

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