6 Best Instant Pop Up Camping Tents Reviews 2020 | All with Easy Set Up

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Slung back in a canvas chair with a cool drink in your hand, the flames from the campfire spark up to reach the starry sky. You soak in the smell of the fire and listen to the wood crackle as the heat warms your face. Camping is a sensory experience that takes you away from civilization so that you have a chance to relax and recharge.

The thought of wrestling with ropes, stakes, and poles takes the fun out of camping for a lot of people. Pop-up tents make setting up camp worry-free because they go up in minutes and they won’t take up a lot of space when you travel. If the weather is good, you don’t even have to stake them down, but you always have the option to use the stakes if you need to.

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Pop-up Camping Tents vs. A-frame Camping Tents

People have used the concept of A-frame tents for centuries as a means for protecting themselves from the elements. If you’re handy with tools and understand basic tent construction, A-frame tents are still a viable shelter to use for camping. You’ll need to understand how to use the poles, stakes, and ropes and what order to put them together in. You’ll also need some basic tools like a hammer and outdoor knife. Depending upon how hard the ground is, you might also need some arm strength.

Pop-up camping tents have revolutionized camping for novice campers. The pop-up design does most of the work for setting itself up, all on its own. These tents can literally be set up in under a minute. You choose to camp because you want to spend time outdoors. You get to spend more of your time away doing the things you enjoy because your sleep space sets up so quickly and easily.

Consider these as slightly more heavy duty than the best tarp shelters they'll be a little warmer, but still aren't great for fall or winter. We also recommend dome tents as another option to pop up tents, as they are also very quick to set up. However, if you want shelters that will stand up to the winter season then this guide: https://www.tent.net/best-3-4-season-tent/

Our Favorite Pop Up Camping Tents

1. HuiLingYang Outdoor Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent

This is a cool tent with a set of double doors on each end. The inner door has a zippered screen and the outer door closure is made of nylon. It also has two windows on the sides. This tent literally sets up in seconds and sleeps 4 people. Pop it up fast or stake it down for a more secure set-up that stands up to the elements.

2. Yodo 3-way Instant Pop-up Tent

The greatest feature of this pop-up tent is its versatility. It  can be used as a tent with fly, as a tent without fly, or using just the fly alone. The poles are pre-assembled for set up in just about a minute. It has doors on each end for good ventilation and the D-shaped doors allow for easing coming and going.

3. BZTANG Explorer Camouflage Instant Pop up Tent

This clever pop-up tent has two large doors and one window with double zippers. What makes it unique is that it comes in a circular carrying bag with straps so that you can easily carry it on your shoulders. It’s a polyester tent with durable round fiberglass poles. It also comes with stakes if you want to stake it to the ground.

4. East Gazelle Camouflage Instant Pop-up Tent

Throw this tent out on your camping space and it pops up on its own. The polyester material is silver coated for superior UV protection. It has a large D-shaped door and mesh screen over the roll-up windows. It comes with ground stakes, wind strings, and a handy carry bag. The camouflage design blends right in with the terrain.

5. JD-Outdoor Large Instant Pop-up Tent

This is a cool, red and blue tent made of polyester. It’s 6.6’ x 6.6’ x 3.94’ and is triangular in shape. It comes with steel poles, 4 ground stakes and a carry bag. It pops out instantly. Just fold it up for easy take down. This tent could double as a play house for kids or as an outdoor shelter for pets.

6. Solomone Cavalli Outdoor Large 6-person Automatic Instant Pop-up Tent

This instant pop-up tent weighs a mere 8 lbs. It is made from super high strength and lightweight glass fiber. It has 2 doors and 4 windows for good ventilation. It’s a sharp blue color with yellow trim. It protects against the effects of rain and sun.

It will be harder to get a campfire going than it is to set up these instant pop-up camping tents. Some of them are large enough to sleep 6 people. Doors on both ends and windows offer the maximum ventilation to keep the tent cool and aired out. These tents come with stakes and guy-wires in case you want a little extra protection against wind and rain.

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