Best Ice Chest Reviews: Yeti vs Engel Coolers (In 2019)

Updated August 3rd, 2018:

After reviewing the best ice chests on the market, we've determined that the Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler is the best of the best. It is highly rated on Amazon and is extremely heavy duty. We highly recommend checking it out!

One of the most important things about a cooler is that it does its job. That it's dependable and that it keeps items cold. The amount of insulation provided, inside the cooler itself, is the determining factor behind what makes a cooler the best. Engel coolers and Yeti coolers are easily two of the most popular brands of high-end coolers on the market.

So what's the best brand between the two? Or what separates one from the other? If you are interested in knowing what type of cooler you should purchase, understand that it's going to be contingent on specific needs. Which, when speaking about coolers, is general to keeping the contents cold enough for long enough.

Yeti Coolers vs. Engel Coolers

The Yeti is by far the most recognizable of the two. Manufactured in both the US and the Philippines. This cooler is wonderfully made and easily the more popular of the two. But while it may have more brand and name recognition, it also comes with a steeper price. It is certified bear proof, so your perishable food will be safely secured away from animals. The most notable model is the Yeti Tundra Models 20-125. The manufacturer does want to ensure your purchase isn't made without absolute guarantees, so all models come with a five-year warranty. Will hold ice for 5-7 days.

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By comparison, the Engel is the most economical choice. Much more affordable than the Yeti, many of the product features are very similar. The most popular model would be the Engel Deep Blue Series 25-123Q, which is roto-molded and bear proof, as is its opposition. One of the cons of this manufacturers products is that the warranty is two years less than that of the Yeti, bringing it to only 3 years of coverage. Also holds ice from anywhere between 5 and seven days.

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Ultimately, the differences come down to warranty, price and aesthetic.

Our Favorite Yeti and Engel Ice Chests In 2018

YETI Tundra Series Coolers – Read Product Reviews

A sturdy, roto-molded constructed cooler, made with thick, durable material. Your food will be protected with preeminent permafrost insulation; this provides unmatched thermal resistance which keeps them fresh. The top, a self-stopping hinged lid that is crafted not to bend or break. Easy draining option that provides no mess. A heavy duty cooler with 18-gallon capacity.

ENGEL USA Cooler/Dry Box – Read Product Reviews

A cooler insulated with high-grade polystyrene complete with handles made with an ergonomic design, it comes with a shoulder strap for long hauls. Compact, easy to clean and portable. A warm tan color, it isn't an eyesore like some other coolers can be. Stainless steel latches at the front that can easily be pulled down to fasten the top.

Yeti Hopper 30 Cooler – Read Product Reviews

A compact, portable product with shoulder straps which makes it easy to carry. Ice will last in this cooler for days. Puncture resistance on the outside and leak proof from within. Cold-keeping hydro lock material that's heavily padded. A bit smaller than others on this list, only holding 6 and a half gallons. Perfect for tailgating or a day at the beach.

ENGEL DeepBlue Series High Performance – Read Product Reviews

One of the most sizable options on this list, this cooler, has 2-inch walls with polyurethane insulation. It's ideal for numerous items you need to keep fresh; whether it be multiple beverages or food. There is a pitched floor that makes the drainage completely mess free and easy. Also includes rope handles for long trips.

Yeti Tundra 50 Quart Cooler – Read Product Reviews

Made in a fantastic no sweat design, a much more compact cooler than others. Holds about 32 cans, a vortex drain system at the bottom of the cooler which helps to brain melted ice. The roto-molded construction provides heavy duty exterior. It makes a great seat when closed.

ENGEL LiveBait Cooler – Read Product Reviews

A perfect cooler for those who find themselves on a fishing boat often. Incredibly compact and high impact. Made from material that does not absorb odors, which makes it easy to clean after the fact. Extremely portable and keeps bait cool and insulated before use.

When you're trying to decide which brand has the better cooler, it honestly comes down to slight differences. If the price is a huge selling point for you, go with the Engel, if you can afford the extra dollars, pick the Yeti. Ultimately, both brands make great products that last long and are effective.