6 Best All Mountain Skis Reviews (In 2019)

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All mountain skis are uniquely designed with a traditional camber in the center to handle packed snow and a speed and rocker in the tips and tails for navigating light powder snow. The best all mountain skis will give you good grip in the long turns and allow you to glide freely through the short turns.

The blades will be forgiving in the deeper snow so that the skier doesn’t have to work too hard to maneuver the skis. The kids should be designed so that the skiers can hold their edges and still get a nice, smooth ride.

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Powder Skis vs. All Mountain Skis

Novice skiers can grab just about any ski and have a great time on the slopes. Once skiers acquire advanced skills, they pay attention to some of the finer differences in ski construction. Subtle differences in sidecut, rockers, and flex enhance the performance of seasoned skiers. Regardless of the skier’s skill level, it’s important to match the type of skis to the type of ski slope conditions that you typically ski on.

Powder skis are specifically designed to perform well for skiing on light powder snow slopes, though they also do a good job for back country and groomed runs. Powder skis, also referred to as super-fats, typically have waist widths of 110mm for men’s skis and a little higher for women’s skis. The wider width provides a floating, surf-like ride. Powder skis will have a fully-rockered profile to boost flotation. The design also enhances maneuverability and keeps edges from catching.

All mountain skis, sometimes called carvers, have narrow waists up to 85mm, deep sidecuts and rockered tips. They turn easily and hold an edge on groomed routes and hard snow. They are a great choice for men, women, and children with all skill levels.

The Best All Mountain Skis As Of 2019

1. Salomon X-Drive All Mountain Skis

Our #1, top choice is great for beginners to intermediate skiers will love this all mountain ski and binding package. The Salomon X-drive 8.0 comes with MXT10 bindings. These skis ride easy for less aggressive skiers. The tail and tip rockers make it easy to make short turns tightly and they move lightly on faster runs. They’re made with a light density full wood core that is laminated with a carbon composite metal finish.

2. Rossignol Men’s Experience 100 TI All Mountain Skis

Advanced to expert male skiers will appreciate these all mountain skis with Air Tip technology. They are designed with a perfect blend of rocker and camber. The skis are constructed with a powerful basalt-enhanced sandwich construction. They are designed for 60% off-trail use and 40% on-trail use. Enjoy the powerful grip edge and effortless maneuverability features of these skis.

3. Rossignol Men’s Experience 84 All Mountain Skis

These skis are designed for 40% off-trail and 60% on-trail rides for advanced to expert skiers. They have Axial³ Dual 120 B90 binding and auto turn rockers. The ski radius is 15m and the sidecut is 133-84-120 mm. The Air Tip technology enhances flotation on powder snow and gives the skier greater control. The tips stay afloat through variable slope conditions.

4. Nordica Sidecountry Fuel Flat Men’s All Mountain Skis

These skis are for the men who live on the slopes and hate to go home. They are lightweight with iCore material and designed to go fast with the early rise rockers up front. These skis are powerful enough for the intermediate to advanced skiers. They have a semi-twin tip with full sidewalls. These skis also work well for backcountry and touring runs.

5. Nordica  Women’s Elexa Evo All Mountain Skis

Beginner to intermediate level women skiers will take note of these all mountain skis with EVO energy frame and ADV P.R. EVO bindings. They feature recreational camRock that blends the best of rocker and camber for easy maneuvering on hard snow and powder. The EVO light CT plate is 25% lighter than EVO’s other models for a run as light as air.

6. 2014 Volkl Kiku Women’s All Mountain Skis

Women will love the hot, new design for these all mountain skis by Volkl Kiku. They are the most versatile women’s big mountain ski on the market. Get maximized float in deep powder and precision performance on groomed slopes and hard snow. They are made with multi-layer sensorwood light core and have a full-rocker design.

Even when you ski the same slopes or trails, the snow conditions can be variable. All mountain skis are a good choice for all ski levels from beginner to expert. All mountain skis allow you to float across the powder and make sharp turns in hard snow. All mountain skis deliver a great ride for most every skier in most any snow condition.

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