6 Best All Mountain Skis Reviews (In 2020)

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All mountain skis are uniquely designed with a traditional camber in the center to handle packed snow and a speed and rocker in the tips and tails for navigating light powder snow. The best all mountain skis will give you good grip in the long turns and allow you to glide freely through the short turns.

The blades will be forgiving in the deeper snow so that the skier doesn’t have to work too hard to maneuver the skis. The kids should be designed so that the skiers can hold their edges and still get a nice, smooth ride.

Editor's Rating: 4.9/5


  • Easy ride for less aggressive skiers
  • Great flex pattern
  • Truly versatile pair of skis

Editor's Rating: 4.7/5

Rossignol Experience 100Rossignol Experience 100

  • Perfect blend of rocker and camber
  • Great stability at speed
  • Awesome at carving
Nordica Enforcer 93

Editor's Rating: 5.0/5

Nordica Enforcer 93Nordica Enforcer 93

  • Stable at speed
  • Two layers of Titanium
  • Full wood core
  • Plenty of flex & consistent ride

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Powder Skis vs. All Mountain Skis

Novice skiers can grab just about any ski and have a great time on the slopes. Once skiers acquire advanced skills, they pay attention to some of the finer differences in ski construction. Subtle differences in sidecut, rockers, and flex enhance the performance of seasoned skiers. Regardless of the skier’s skill level, it’s important to match the type of skis to the type of ski slope conditions that you typically ski on.

Best powder skis are specifically designed to perform well for skiing on light powder snow slopes, though they also do a good job for back country and groomed runs. Powder skis, also referred to as super-fats, typically have waist widths of 110mm for men’s skis and a little higher for women’s skis. The wider width provides a floating, surf-like ride. Powder skis will have a fully-rockered profile to boost flotation. The design also enhances maneuverability and keeps edges from catching.

All mountain skis, sometimes called carvers, have narrow waists up to 85mm, deep sidecuts and rockered tips. They turn easily and hold an edge on groomed routes and hard snow. They are a great choice for men, women, and children with all skill levels and for all terrains - hence the category name - all mountain skis!

The Best All Mountain Skis Of 2020

Editor's Rating:


Salomon XDR 88Salomon XDR 88

Our #1, top choice is great for beginners to intermediate skiers will love this all mountain ski and binding package. The Salomon X-drive 8.0 comes with MXT10 bindings. These skis ride easy for less aggressive skiers. 

The tail and tip rockers make it easy to make short turns tightly and they move lightly on faster runs. They’re made with a light density full wood core that is laminated with a carbon composite metal finish. The stability of these skis is top-notch regardless of the type of snow you're riding in.

Of all the models we tested, the Salomon XDR 88 Tis (Salomon X-Drive skis) are the best quality and also the most fun on various mountain types. They’re a lot more versatile in different situations, which means you can cut right through the chunder thanks to their tip design AND stay afloat on deep, fresh powder. They have more than enough pop and playfulness to handle parks. In addition, they have the precision needed for your zipper line runs. And as for carving, man, these are super awesome. Once you get going, you just wouldn't want to stop!

Things We Liked

  • Great flex features
  • Superb quality all mountain skis
  • Easy ride for less aggressive skiers
  • Floats perfectly on powder

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not the best at handling long turns

Editor's Rating:


Rossignol Experience 100Rossignol Experience 100

Advanced to expert male skiers will appreciate these all mountain skis with Air Tip technology. Rossignol Men’s Experience 100 TI All Mountain Skis are designed with a perfect blend of rocker and camber.

These skis are constructed with a powerful basalt-enhanced sandwich construction. They are designed for 60% off-trail use and 40% on-trail use. Enjoy the powerful grip edge and effortless maneuverability features of these skis.

Where the  Rossignol Experience 100 skis shine is the groomed runs. These are awesome all mountain skis that ride best on-piste but also have the capacity to take some short rides off-piste when you want to have some fun exploring. 

These skis ride best when they have the snow pressed against them firmly. Their strengths in this type of snow outweigh their minor weaknesses. The stiff skis, quickness and stability on edge don't perform quite as well off-piste as on piste, and that results in a tad of a bumpy ride in choppy snow.

Rossignol Experience 100 skis are rather good for bump skiing as they are stiff and hooky. Because of this, you will have to work hard to control the skis. Still a lot of fun, though!

Things We Liked

  • Basalt-enhanced sandwich construction
  • Perfect blend of rocker and camber
  • Superb performance on groomed runs
  • Versatile and stable

Things We Didn't Like

  • A little too stiff to bounce around well

3. [BEST FOR ADVANCED SKIERS] Nordica Enforcer 93

Editor's Rating:


Nordica Enforcer 93Nordica Enforcer 93

All advanced and expert skiers must have heard of Nordica Enforcer 100, the predecessor of now slimmer Nordica Enforcer 93 model. The measurements and cambers earned it another top pick award, especially for its on-piste carving.

With a a full wood core and two layers of Titanium, these skis are super-stable but also have all the flex you can wish for. They're also reliable and consistent.

Although designed for advanced skiers, the Enforcer 93 is a very user-friendly ski with amazing carving performance. 

The ski is begging to be laid on its edge and the transition from one edge to another is ridiculously smooth and easy. The turns arc with unmatched power while still being easy to control. These skis want you to enjoy the ride and don't fight to overpower your will or direction. 

The tip rocker is pretty mellow, which means you can get almost a full edge contact when you ride these skis. On the other end of the ski, the tail rocker is slight, so it lets you easily release out of your turns no matter what speed you take them. Overall, a superb quality skis which really meet the expectations for skiing thrill seekers.

Things We Liked

  • Plenty of flex & consistent ride
  • Full wood core for stability
  • Two layers of Titanium
  • Great for thrill seekers

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not as good on crud as Salomon XDR

Editor's Rating:


Rossignol Soul 7 HDRossignol Soul 7 HD

In a nutshell, Rossignol Soul 7 HD skis are really great. Freeriders really enjoy these unique skis, which have been completely rebuilt for adaptability and progress. The new skis feature a great flex, a reduction in weight, stability against high-speed vibration, and versatility in any terrain. We think they're on a par with the Rossignol Experience 100 skis, but they still don't quite edge out the Salomon X-Drives for the best in class title.

Rossignol Soul 7 HD is one of the widest underfoot skis we have reviewed. It's got 106 mm underfoot, which means that it borders all mountain range and enters the true powder ski category. The short turn radius and progressive sidecut made us decide to keep this Rossignol Soul review in our all mountain category instead. 

Their rear mount allows skiers to get more forward on their skis while still being able to rely upon the stiff midsection for stability. The soft tip balances the rear mount to allow it to float better over powder and through the backcountry. 

Things We Liked

  • Made for adaptability
  • Great flex and stability
  • Versatile for any terrain
  • Great for powder

Things We Didn't Like

  • The stability drops a little at higher speeds

Editor's Rating:


Nordica Enforcer 100 with bindingsNordica Enforcer 100 with bindings

Nordica Enforcer 100 skis offer great stability with medium flex pattern. They perform well on most terrains and are a great option for intermediate and advanced skiers who don't mind paying a little extra for a quality pair of skis.

For a care-free ride, Nordica Enforcer 100 features a smooth performance with extra stability. It has a full-wood core and two sheets of metal. While dampening vibrations, this construction also enhances stability and responsiveness.

To increase your confidence in variable conditions, Enforcer 100 comes with an early rise tip and slight tail rocker with traditional camber under foot. Overall, these skis are stable and turny. They are powerful in the crud with enough float.

Things We Liked

  • Stable skis performing well on the edges
    Fluid turns, especially the longer ones
  • Extremely smooth ride with plenty of forgiveness
  • Super-responsive thanks to the design dampening vibrations

Things We Didn't Like

  • The stability drops a little at higher speeds

Lastly, we have updates to check out: another great all mountain pair of skis so read our Nordica Navigator 85 reviewYou may as well compare Nordica with Volkl Mantra M5 or the Head Kore 93 which we also reviewed individually.  

If you are a novice skier, we have you covered: our best skis for beginners reviews are perfect for you!

Notable all mountain skis which are not available anymore (you may find used ones)

1. Rossignol Men’s Experience 84 All Mountain Skis

These skis are designed for 40% off-trail and 60% on-trail rides for advanced to expert skiers. They have Axial³ Dual 120 B90 binding and auto turn rockers. The ski radius is 15m and the sidecut is 133-84-120 mm. The Air Tip technology enhances flotation on powder snow and gives the skier greater control. The tips stay afloat through variable slope conditions. Read the in-depth review here.

2. Nordica Sidecountry Fuel Flat Men’s All Mountain Skis

These skis are for the men who live on the slopes and hate to go home. They are lightweight with iCore material and designed to go fast with the early rise rockers up front. These skis are powerful enough for the intermediate to advanced skiers. They have a semi-twin tip with full sidewalls. These skis also work well for backcountry and touring runs. We review another great option, the Nordica Enforcer, here.

3. Nordica  Women’s Elexa Evo All Mountain Skis

Beginner to intermediate level women skiers will take note of these all mountain skis with EVO energy frame and ADV P.R. EVO bindings. They feature recreational camRock that blends the best of rocker and camber for easy maneuvering on hard snow and powder. The EVO light CT plate is 25% lighter than EVO’s other models for a run as light as air.

4. 2014 Volkl Kiku Women’s All Mountain Skis

Women will love the hot, new design for these all mountain skis by Volkl Kiku. They are the most versatile women’s big mountain ski on the market. Get maximized float in deep powder and precision performance on groomed slopes and hard snow. They are made with multi-layer sensorwood light core and have a full-rocker design.

Even when you ski the same slopes or trails, the snow conditions can be variable. All mountain skis are a good choice for all ski levels from beginner to expert. All mountain skis allow you to float across the powder and make sharp turns in hard snow. All mountain skis deliver a great ride for most every skier in most any snow condition.

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